Firebird Embedded and LibreOffice is the killer combination to scale from a single file application to a client/server approach

Quote of the day is via this thread on Firebird Java Group :

It would be good if Jaybird 2.3 could be used with embedded and
LibreOffice because the feature set in Firebird is obviously much, much greater
than HSQL or the proposed SQLite replacement.

The ability to create a zeroconf, transportable data file is of interest to me
(along with using iReport to generate printouts from that file).

OT: Personally I think that Jaybird / Firebird / Firebird embedded is the way to
go for LibreOffice instead of the very limited SQLite. The ability to upscale
from a single file application to a client/server one is a killer

Update:Firebird Driver and Embedded version merged into LibreOffice git master

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