firebird 2.0 debian packages available for testing

Debian users are encouraged to help proof-testing the newly packaged firebird 2.0.

Please help improving the packages by reporting bugs to and/or Jabber ID

Debian packages repository:
deb experimental main
deb-src experimental main
(source package name is firebird2.0)

The Release files are signed with my PGP key.

Binary packages for i386 and amd64 architectures are available. Users or PowerPC and mipsel architectures are encouraged to get the source package and build binary packages themselves. If you need assistance, ask me on the above email/JabberID.

Direct links:

To test super-server install firebird2.0-super, firebird2.0-common, libfbclient2 and firebird-utils.

For classic-server get firebird2.0-classic, firebird2.0-common, libfbembed2 and firebird-utils.

Note: These packages conflict with any previous debian packages of firebird (firebird2-*) so you may want to remove them first.

Please be careful not to convert your existing databases. Make backups.

Yours, dam
(debian packages maintainer, looking for co-maintainers)

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