FDB Python driver for Firebird v1.8 released

FDB Python driver for Firebird v1.8 is available for download.


NOTE: Due to API and other changes at PyPI, the link to FDBdocumentation at PyPI project page still points to version 1.7. For
details please refer to documentation bundled with FDB distribution.

What’s new:

* In relation to (PYFB-71) a better memory exhaustion safeguard was
implemented for materialized blobs. See Working with BLOBs for details.
* Added service support for backup and restore from/to local byte
stream. See local_backup() and local_restore() for details.
* Added attribute fdb.schema.TableColumn.id (RDB$FIELD_ID)
* Added method fdb.BlobReader.get_info().

best regards
Pavel Cisar

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