FBClone 2.2.1 released – This is not only a bugfix version it can “normalize” a multi charset database

FBClone 2.2.1 is released to google code
This is more than a “bugfix release” for FBClone here are a few of new features and fixes:
-It Can “normalize” a multi charset database by ignoring all “character set” definitions from source db
See flags -ics -ko in combination with -tc UTF8.
-It supports domains in SP parameters as well as NOT NULL, TYPE OF and COLLATE.
-It’s changed creation order of UNIQUE/FOREIGN and VIEW TRG/TABLE TRG as suggested by users in issues.

You need to use it from command line and specify the source and target database
fbclone source employee.fdb target new_db.fdb user sysdba password *****
News via Pierre Yager tweet

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