FB 2.5 first Alpha is coming…

Posted in Firebird-Devel, by Dmitry Yemanov:


The codebase will be tagged for Alpha 1 as soon as v2.0.4 RC1 and v2.1 Final are released. This means 10-15 days available to finalize the ODS changes and complete the major refactoring and synchronization efforts.

We expect only one Alpha version to be released. The next one will be Beta 1 which should be feature complete. No new ODS changes are allowed for Beta, unless some bugs would require fixing.

Besides the features already scheduled for v2.5 in the tracker, we have two features that the Foundation TTG (technical task group) has agreed to consider for this release during the Alpha stage: (1) tracing facility by Nickolay and (2) cross-database EXECUTE STATEMENT implementation by Vlad. They will be reviewed and discussed here soon, with an intention to be committed into the codebase before Beta.

Unfortunately, provided that the “external stored procedures” feature has major issues we still cannot resolve in the agreement (e.g. security and external engine API), it doesn’t seem to fit the v2.5 timeframe and is going to be postponed. Sad but true.

Comments anyone? We still have a bit of time to resolve your questions and adjust the release plan, if required. Just don’t forget that we want v2.5 to be a quick release and we’re already one month behind the schedule…


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