eLiberatica 2008 – opportunities and business by using Open and Free Technologies

Dear partners and friends,We are pleased to announce you that we have started to organize the eLiberatica 2008 conference.

The first edition of one of the most important IT events in Romania gathered this year, in May, more than 200 participants in Brasov. Some of the most important representatives of the international Free/Libre/Open Source Software (FLOSS) movement and of local and international IT companies were reunited by the initiative of ROSI (Romanian Open Source and Free Software Initiative) and Agora Media.

The event had a great success among IT specialists but also among business people that learned about a profitable alternative to develop their companies.

During the two days of presentations were covered most of the issues that the international FLOSS movement has to deal with, trying to create a stronger visibility on the community, the business environment and the local projects. With its special spirit eLiberatica offered the proper meeting space for area specialists, business people, professionals and computer fans in general, where guest could not only socialize, but also start fruitful partnerships.

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