Do we have a little firebird community here on /r/node? (Reddit node.js subreddit)

If so, I’m sure the rest of us would love to hear about you guys and what you’re building with Node.js and Firebird

Maybe is time to start a google+ community/group , I know we have a great delphi/pascal community maybe is time to grow a Server Side JavaScript community in the Old Delphi Jedi spirit

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  • The Delphi community is not going forward. My personal opinion is that Firebird need a fresh community to exist in the future. I made node-firebird because I need to escape from Delphi jail. I wanted to bring with me my cellmate.

    mariuz Reply:

    I agree JavaScript seems to be that future now , Today i have read that gnome is switched to java script as main language , also don’t forget about Firefox OS , QML in Qt and many others

    Java Script is the place to be right now

    I guess we can start a group on google ? also it should be added on the main page on Firebird sql drivers

  • The time when Firebird was mostly used only by Delphi users is gone. Yes, Delphi users are still there and still represents a big part of the FB community, but I would risk to say that 50% of the FB community now uses other languages.

    mariuz Reply:

    I agree i wanted to say about the old Delphi spirit of sharing and the good old vibe that i miss in the Delphi glory days

    Now there is a lot of cool stuff that happens in , rails , python, node.js , free pascal land

    Also jaybird jdbc driver can be used in other languages if you want in jvm : scala , clojure …

    We need a lot more articles about the new languges also we shouldn’t forget about php that is one of the most used languges on the server side

    Cantu Reply:

    I’m starting to miss this “vibe” from the FB community too 🙁

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