Average of Firebird users DB sizes

In a recent survey for the next Firebird Developers Day in Brazil, one of the questions was about the average size of the participants (and/or their customers) databases. A total of 344 people answered, and the result can be seen below:

In general, your (or your customer’s) database has…

Percent Count Answers
20.3% 70/344 up to 500MB
31.1% 107/344 up to 2GB
20.9% 72/344 up to 5GB
17.2% 59/344 up to 10GB
10.5% 36/344 more than 10GB
100.0% 344/344 Summary

PS: Note that this survey was directed only to people who intends to participate in the next Brazilian FDD edition.

Database trends survey (Embarcadero)

Marco Cantu posted in his blog:

…While most of the questions are on the choice and number of servers used (MS SQL Server being the most widely adopted, Oracle the most critical, and Firebird has a significant 4% 5.5% presence for large companies). Other questions are tunedĀ for Embarcadero products (like evaluating the need for automating some DBA tasks). A few questions are interesting for their broad perspective, like those focused on the relationship between developers and DBAs…

Btw, interesting that there is no mention of Embarcadero’s Interbase in the survey results.

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