Big company using FB

This was posted by Roman Rokytskyy in the Firebird .Net Provider list:

Some time ago I have upgraded my phone contract to include also mobile internet (5GB/month) and as a normal user read the instructions on the o2 website, which suggested to install the “o2 Connection Manager” software. I installed it, but then got some device driver problems with another similar software (Vodafone Mobile Connect – I have two mobiles, one private and one from my company) and had to go deeper…

I have to confess that I did not notice the Firebird on the first check (hmmm… how could it be? should smell it from 1 km distance!), but the folder structure appeared somewhat familiar… But then I noticed the intl/ directory, then the .NET Provider DLL and finally fbembed.dll.

Considering 11 million customers in Germany, and guessing that only 1% of them uses mobile internet we get about 100 000 installations of Firebird embedded + .NET Provider. And that’s only in Germany (think about the number of installations of Telefonica O2 Europe worldwide)!

Congratulations! Keep up with good job!

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