17th FDD – record of donations!

The 17th FDD in Brazil, organised by Carlos Cantu, were a huge success! It was convened online for the first time, due to Covid-19. There were 720 attendees, and the traditional collection of donations netted a record R$ 8.163,35 after tax, for Firebird development.

The list of donors and their donations is at https://www.firebirddevelopersday.com.br/fdd/17fdd_donors.html.

Source: firebirdsql.org/en/news/firebird-developer-days-convened-online-in-2020

Firebird 3 driver for Python 3 Release 0.8.0

The driver is no longer beta, and is now considered as stable for Firebird 3.0 (support for Firebird 4 is still evolving till final release).


Documentation, both in code and separate (especially Usage Guide).

Added support for new FB4 data types in ARRAY fields.

Refactoring in driver hooks.

New Cursor.call_procedure() method.

Refactoring and fixes in Server and its services.