New IBProvider v3.47 and “LCPI ADO.NET Provider” for .NET Standard 2.0

Hello Everyone!

We have a great piece of news for all users of IBProvider v3 — we have rewritten the latest subsystem inherited from the second version of the provider.

In other words, we have finally fully updated and improved the entire IBProvider v3!

In addition to updating the IBProvider, we released new assemblies of our ADO.NET provider for .NET Standard 2.0 and refreshed the “LCPI OLE DB Services”.

Full news text:

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Firebird Documentation SourceForge CVS to GitHub migration is done

News via Firebird-Docs mailing list :

The migration from SourceForge CVS to GitHub has been completed. The repository is at (with clone URL or )

Members of the firebird-documentation team have write access to the repository, and in addition to me and Helen, I have given Paul rights to add (or remove) members from this team.

Be aware that FirebirdSQL organization members that are marked as ‘owner’ also have write access and can manage the team.

I have disabled the issues and projects features, but left the Wiki enabled.
If there are any problems or questions, let me know.


Mark Rotteveel

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UDFs are deprecated in Firebird 4

From Firebird 3 to 4 list of know incompatibilities file :

UDFs are deprecated in v.4. That means that UDFs can’t be used with default configuration (parameter “UdfAccess” set to “None”) and all sample UDF libraries (ib_udf, fbudf) are not distributed any more. Most of functions in that libraries were replaced with builtin analogs in previous versions and therefore already deprecated. A few remaining functions got safe replacement in UDR library “udf_compat“, namely div, frac, dow, sdow, getExactTimestampUTC and isLeapYear. Users who still wish to use UDFs should set “UdfAccess” to “Restrict <path-list>”. If you never used to modify this parameter before path-list is just UDF and resulting line in firebird.conf should be:
UdfAccess = Restrict UDF
Recommended long-term solution is replacing of UDF with UDR.

Ps: Here is the related git commit .

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