Firebird Perl extension DBD-Firebird version 1.31 is released

Perl extension DBD::Firebird version 1.31 is released with quite a few changes if you compare with provious announcement , here are a few from the ChangeLog:

* remove artificial hard-coded limit of 1_000_000 bytes when fetching BLOB data
* add /usr/local to the list of possible firebird homes [RT#123723]
* blob_type needs to be signed to be assigned/compared to -1
* bpb parameter to isc_open_blob2 is a pointer
* drop unused column character set definition
* correctly check for Test::CheckDeps presense
* finish: do not check uninitialised status vector If statement type is isc_info_sql_stmt_exec_procedure,isc_dsql_free_statement is not called and there is no point checking the status vector for errors. An error there may be from a previous call, or just plain garbage.
Fixes Debian bug : 883183 — test failure on i386, and RT#110979
* add support for a ‘timeout=$secs’ parameter [RT#119764]
* put fb_api_ver in XS and make it available to both embedded and regular driver
* more constants for client version (major/minor/full version string)