The Firebird Project hires 35 developers to speed up development!

Features like automaticaly speech to text translation, SMP support up to 1,500 CPUs, built-in OCR UDF’s, embedded browser, integrated email server, IPv12 support, GPS-ready, and all new MSDOS 6 support are among the new things to be released in FB 2.666.

A Release Candidate version is expected in 1 week.

The Core developers team also have grown a lot with the hire of 35 new developers to work full time for Firebird.The Firebird Project is having some problems coordinating such a large team, but they are sure that when the beer finish everything will be up and running.

“We are so excited about this great news, that we are thinking about changing the name to “The Project”, just after the acquisition of Oracle (target to the last quarter of 2008).”

Congratulations, Firebird Team !

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