64 bit Firebird 2.5, and Solaris Sparc

Looks like the job is already done… Paul wrote on the blog . It was posted on devel-mailing list related to solaris threading using pthreads

“I confirm that the issues are fixed in HEAD. I confirmed this on 64-bit Solaris Sparc, built with the Sun Studio native compiler – using pthreads!!!”
How cool is that! Thanks very much guys for the quick turn-around.
Also, big thanks to Alex for his assitance with this port!!”

Solaris port of Firebird 2.5 on x86 finished

Alex Peshkov wrote on firebird-devel list

Happy to notify you that I’ve finished with solaris port of 2.5 on x86. I.e.
currently out code base works not only with windows and posix threading, but
also with native solaris. Both dev and release builds pass tcs OK except few
minor issues with double precision arithmetics, when digits like
12.3456789123456 differ in the last column. I suppose this is related with
VirtualBox VM problems (in all other aspects it runs Solaris wonderful).

Solaris and the 256 File Descriptor Problem

Some of you reading this may remember that back when InterBase 6.0 was released on Solaris we ran into a fundamental problem on Solaris. It seems that since 1992 there has been an open bug documenting Solaris’ file descriptor problem: “32-bit stdio routines should support file descriptors >255.”