Firebird Driver and Embedded version merged into LibreOffice git master

Changes to libreoffice and firebird driver can be seen in the git log

And here is announcement :

Firebird has now been integrated into LibreOffice master!

It now builds on Mac and Windows in addition to Linux. (I’ve only tested on Linux but will be testing/fixing as necessary on Mac/Windows this week.)

The database driver itself is almost unusable at the moment as I’ve been refactoring various things to do with transaction control and execution of statements. More and more functionality should be appearing in the course of this week, making the driver more usable .

Odb with embedded firebird db

Firebird .ODB



Microsoft Access killer : LibreOffice Base + Firebird

There is a discussion on the libreoffice-dev about replacing the HSQLDB default database used in libre base with something better and faster than the java based solution:)

* SQLite vs. HSQLDB for base (Lionel)
+ SQLite very sloppy typing can cause serious problems cf.
+ no date/time datatype.
=> perhaps not a good idea to switch to sqlite longer term
+ without tons of special casing, get lots of
nasty bugs outside string, float
+ a new candidate with sane licensing, sane language,
and code size required – thinking ongoing.
+ our best shot might be firebird
+ MPL license variant
+ feature set looks good

Update : Firebird Driver and Embedded version merged and integreated into LibreOffice git master

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