ZEOSLib 6.6.3 – stable is out now

We are proud to officially announce the release of the ZEOS DBO Library 6.6.3 – stable

Latest FBLib for Delphi/Lazarus

At the moment (well, for the last two years now) we only use FBLib.
The original author is nowhere to be found, so I started maintaining
or rather fixing the issues we deteced. For our latest FBLib, you can
get a update from tiOPF’s project on SourceForge.net.

The ZeosLib DBOs 6.1.5 – With Delphi 7 and Firebird 1.5

This little article shows how to access Firebird databases by using the ZEOS component Library in version 6.1.5 (including Patches 1&2) and how to use these components in database applications. It does not matter if you use the “real” SQL-Server or the embedded version which is restricted to local held databases. A couple of examples (also migrated Delphi-BDE demos) shall explain how to use the ZEOS components.

Firebird embedded example for delphi is now ported to lazarus

I modified fb_embedded2.pas originally written for Delphi by Fikret Hasovic. Now it works with Lazarus!

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