How To Get Firebird / Interbase Connected Users

In some tasks we need to know how many users are connected to the database. And even which users are connected… There is an interesting piece of code with which you may achieve this this. It is an additional source file written for ZeosDBO 6.1.3 library. It only works with Firebird 1.5. But it can be easy modified for another Firebird/Interbase server.

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The ZeosLib DBOs 6.1.5 – With Delphi 7 and Firebird 1.5

This little article shows how to access Firebird databases by using the ZEOS component Library in version 6.1.5 (including Patches 1&2) and how to use these components in database applications. It does not matter if you use the “real” SQL-Server or the embedded version which is restricted to local held databases. A couple of examples (also migrated Delphi-BDE demos) shall explain how to use the ZEOS components.

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Firebird embedded example for delphi is now ported to lazarus

I modified fb_embedded2.pas originally written for Delphi by Fikret Hasovic. Now it works with Lazarus!

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