FlameRobin 0.9.2 is released

Source, Windows (setup and zip), Linux (Slackware/gtk2) and MacOS X
binary packages are available for download. Win64 port and packages
for various Linux distributions (and maybe FreeBSD) should follow
shortly. This is mostly a bug fix release.

New features:

– Support for trusted authentication
– Databases can now be recreated from existing registration info
– Transaction isolation level can now be selected in SQL editor
– Win64 port
– Allowed deleting from system tables (ex. to stop queries via

As usual, it also has a lot of bugfixes and minor enhancements

Debian Package of the Day: FlameRobin: A GUI to Administer Firebird/Interbase SQL servers

Article submitted by Anton Kavalenka.

Firebird SQL server is popular because it is free, open, lightweight and secure. Firebird is based on the Interbase SQL server, and can be accessed by the same client libraries.

FlameRobin FlameRobin is a X-platform GUI application that makes the life of Firebird/Interbase admins easier. It’s a very light-weight solution (implemented with wxWidgets) as opposed to Tora, which tries to be universal, but is very huge and takes a while to load. FlameRobin starts almost instantly, but being lightweight doesn’t mean to be poor in features. Some of them are:

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