ReportsMaestro – web report/chart builder for Firebird

ReportsMaestro builds highly customizable, real-time charts and reports for Firebird databases in just a few minutes. Select from multiple chart and report types and create and share your own interactive dashboards on the web.

Features include:

  • Installs on any ASP or PHP-enabled web server
  • Generates reports based on a table or query
  • Generates multi-table reports
  • Unlimited number of reports of charts
  • Manage users and user access permissions
  • Private/public charts and reports
  • Ability to export report data to Word and Excel
  • Multiple grouping levels and intervals
  • Multiple report layouts and chart types
  • Supports custom headers and footers
  • Includes visual report style editor – customize your reports
  • Print/export current or all pages
  • Takes five minutes to install on your server

More info:

Online demo:

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