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For those of you data hounds out there that use open source databases.

May I suggest the excellent Firebird, coupled with IBexpert, as opposed to mySQL.

I have found it a heck of a lot easier to design and implement stored procedures. It is open source and rock solid.
That is J. J. Walter’s opinion about firebird , expressed in his blog.

Conquering Olympus… The road to phpbb 3.0 Beta1

Meik “Acyd Burn” Sievertsen, phpBB’s Development Team Leader has just announced that the bug tracker for phpBB3 née Olympus is now open

Supported DBMS

Though developed using MySQL, the wonders of a DBAL means phpBB Olympus already supports a wide number of databases:
* Firebird (firebird) – Firebird 1.5+/Interbase 7.1+

oracle licensing too expensive for oracle community site

from this thread on the orafaq forum:

“There is no way we would be able to raise the money required to buy a commercial Oracle license.”

Coverity Open Source Defect Scan of Firebird

Hello Firebird Developers,

I’m the CTO of Coverity, Inc., a company that does static source code
analysis to look for defects in code. You may have heard of us or of our
technology from its days at Stanford (the “Stanford Checker“). The
reason I’m writing is because we have set up a framework internally to
continually scan open source projects and provide the results of our
analysis back to the developers of those projects. Firebird is one of
the 32 projects currently scanned at:


Flamerobin 0.6.0 is released

Windows (setup & zip), Linux (gtk1 & gtk2), Mac OS X and source packages are available for download. Enjoy.

New features

– DDL extraction for all object types
– Rebuild View option (drop and recreate dependent objects)
– Option to drop database

Enhancements and Bug fixes

ibWebAdmin 1.0.1 released

The changes in this release are as follows:
Connections to Firebird 2 database servers are now supported, a Czech translation was added, and this maintenance release fixes the few minor issues reported over the last few months.

Smart moves by MySQL AB

Now there seems to be a clear response. MySQL has hired former Firebird developer Jim Starkey and MySQL has a new CTO: Taneli Otala – read Kaj Arnö’s interview with Taneli.

The final statement on this interview declares a clear goal: “Definitely. I want to be part of the team building the world’s best database!”. The times when MySQL targeted itself mainly to drive small and medium web based applications are definitely over!

Read more on db4free blog

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