ANN: CopyCat Replication Suite version 1.03.0

Microtec is pleased to announce a new version of CopyCat, our Delphi /
C++Builder component set for database replication.

CopyCat can be used for integrating replication functionality into your
applications, or for making your own customized replicators, enabling
off-site database work, asynchronous work over slow connections,
automatic live backup, etc.

For information about CopyCat, see here

Changes in version 1.03.0:

  • Added support for BDS 2006.
  • Added a new OnResolveConflict event, providing easy access to all the
    information concerning the conflict, and allowing the user to resolve
    the conflict in a simple way.
  • Removed TCcTables and TCcProcedures components. Instead, TCcConfig
    now creates two new tables in the database, RPL$TABLES and
    RPL$PROCEDURES, thus replacing and simplifying the previous INI-file
    system, which was too error-prone.
  • The example projects have been considerably improved and extended.
  • Added a Getting started manual, explaining the first steps to using
    CopyCat, as well as detailing each of the provided examples.
  • Fixed some internal errors, that sometimes caused access violations
    and IDE instability at design-time.
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