IBProvider v3.36

Hello everyone!

We are glad to announce the first update of our “Native OLE DB Provider for Firebird and InterBase” in 2017 year.


Primary changes

  1. Improved work in applications with high multithreaded load (like MSSQL)
  2. Free IBProvider now distributed as MSI-package

Free IBProvider is available for download from the user area at our site.

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PHP 7.0.15RC1 is available for testing

PHP 7.0.15 RC1 was just released and can be downloaded from:


The Windows binaries are available at


This release contains a number of bugfixes.
For the list of bugfixes that you can target in your testing, please refer
to the NEWS file:


Please test it carefully, and report any bugs in the bug system.

The stable release is planned for January 19th, if no critical issues will
be discovered in the RC.

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