Security Hot Issue for Open-Source Database Developers

Open-source database deployments rose dramatically in the last half of 2005, and as one might expect, as more IT pros get acquainted with these non-proprietary systems, security is a chief concern. Open-source database makers like MySQL and PostgreSQL [ED: and Firebird] simply must answer some of the most prevalent security-related questions in order to win more market share.

One of those questions is, with recent headlines suggesting customer data stored on organizational databases is at risk, should those who opt for open-source database applications be worried? Not according to data suggesting proprietary database software is breached more often. But data alone is not enough. What IT executives really want to know is what specific technological security precautions open-source DB developers need to take.

“We continue to see the maturation of open-source databases reflected by the continually increasing levels of adoption,” said John Andrews, President, Evans Data. “In a number of our ratings categories, we’re seeing open-source databases meeting or exceeding proprietary databases.”

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New list: firebird-job-board

Hello all,

A new list has been started on Yahoogroups – a job board for devs
with Firebird skills and for employers looking for them. 🙂

It’s a pretty tightly moderated list.

You can look it up from the Lists and News Groups page of our main
website, or go straight there if you like.

All you’ll see in the archives right now is a couple of messages
posted by Calin Pirtea, who’s helping with the
moderation. (Actually, you won’t see the archives at all if you’re
not a member…)

Feel free to link to the list from your own websites. It all helps
for getting us “out there”.


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Compiere to try Derby

Compiere will try to port its ERP suite to Derby. Currently database choice is limited to Oracle and Fyracle (Oracle-mode Firebird). Earlier attempts to port to Postgres and Sybase were effectively abandoned. It will be interesting to see if Derby joins the list of working ports towards the end of this year.

Read more here

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Database Development Forum – For Developers, By Developers

Upscene Productions and Arno Brinkman (Firebird core developer) started Database Development Forum, a place where developers can ask questions about database development. There are forums available for many different database engines and the idea is to start a community of developers that will ask and answer questions, all in a single website. You can register or anonymously ask questions, but registering has benefits – like getting e-mail notifications on answers.

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Voting Has Opened for the 2005 LinuxQuestions Awards

LinuxQuestions announces that voting for the 2005 Members Choice Awards is now open. Awards will be given out in 20 categories, including Distribution of the Year, Browser of the Year, Office Suite of the Year, Desktop Environment of the Year and Database of the Year. The polls will close on March 16th. Please make sure that you take the time to register and vote for Firebird.

Read more here

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Firebird 2.0: Status Update

A few words to those interested in the v2.0 progress.

Currently we’re in the process of preparing the Beta 2 release. The CVS tree has been tagged a week ago, now the Release Notes are being updated. The binaries should be packaged soon. We did intend to release it earlier, but there were a few hard-to-track issues found in the codebase, so we had to solve them first. Also the final v1.5.3 release has been done at the same time. These are the reasons of the delay.

If nothing critical is reported in the near future, I expect that the next official build will be Release Candidate 1. We still have bugs reported quite regularly, but neither of recent bugreports mention database corruptions or server crashes, so it appears we can consider the codebase stable enough.

Please note that Release Candidate builds are intended to fix regressions only, there will be almost no old bugs fixed during this stage. Starting with RC1, our developers will switch their attention to the Vulcan merge and new features/improvements.

— Dmitry Yemanov

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