#ilovefs , #ilovefirebird:I Love Free Software Campaign , I love Firebird

Today is the day when you can share your love towards Firebird and the Free Software world (libreoffice , qt , debian)
There are lots of ways to declare one’s love… Here are some ideas on how you can go public and proclaim your love to Free Software/Firebird

  • Send active Free Software supporters a message thanking them for their work
  • Microblog about how you love Free Software, and tag those messages with #ilovefs/#ilovefirebird.
  • Hug a developer (ask permission first!)
  • Buy your favourite developer a drink. Or buy someone else a drink and while savouring it, tell him/her about your favorite Free Software application!

ps whey you search for i love firebird i have this example of trim function 🙂

select trim (‘la’ from ‘lalala I love Firebird’) from rdb$database
— returns ‘ I love Firebird’

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