Database .NET 17.5 released

Database .NET is an innovative, powerful and intuitive multiple database management tool, With it you can Browse objects, Design tables, Edit rows, Export data, Run queries and Migrate data with a consistent interface. (Full support for Firebird 1.5~3.0)

For more information please visit
Free, All-In-One, Portable, Single executable file and Multi-language.

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The Haversine formula => Calculate distance between to WGS84 Points

I think might be helpful, today for a customer i do the Haversine formulas for Firebird Sql as a stored procedure.

This formula allow you to calculate the distance in meter between two WGS84 datum points(degree points of Earth).

You can call the procedure like this:

SELECT * FROM HAVERSINE_GENERIC(1, 45,474081, 9,179348, 45,456091, 9)
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IBProvider v3.27.1. Service update

Hello everyone!

We glad to inform, that new IBProvider v3.27.1.19598 is ready for download and work in your applications and services.

In this release:

  • Better support of big database arrays
  • New compiler for vc14xp binaries
  • Internal changes for code improving

You can read also:

  • Additional information about previous release (v3.27)
  • Information about direction of our current work

You can download the Trial of “IBProvider Professional Edition” (32 and 64 bits) from any page at our web site.

If you want to get the “IBProvider Free Edition” (32 bit only), you need to register on the site:

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How to migrate existing users from firebird 2.X to firebird 3?

Firebird 3 is using new method to validate users on the server.
Direct upgrade of security database is therefore impossible.
Described procedure will let you keep the list of firebird 2.X users
and all related information (firstname, lastname, etc.) except
password – new passwords will be generated randomly. Pay attention
that SYSDBA user is not touched – i.e. it will remain as was after
execution of upgrade procedure.
In the commands below replace
‘masterkey’ with actual SYSDBA password for appropriate (2.X/3.0)
firebird server.

In firebird 2.5 backup security database:

gbak -user sysdba -pas masterkey -b {host/path}security2.fdb security.fbk

In firebird 3 restore copy of 2.5 security database:

gbak -user sysdba -pas masterkey -c security.fbk {host/path}security2.5

And run users upgrade sql script:

isql -user sysdba -pas masterkey -i security_database.sql {host/path}security2.5

“security2.5” is a sample database name – you may use any other if you wish.

Upgrade Script will create users with new random passwords and type them to you.
It’s your responsibility to notify users about new passwords.

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CVE-2016-1569 : FireBird bug introduced in 2.5.5: authenticated clients crash FireBird when running gbak with invalid parameter

The FireBird RDBMS can be crashed remotely by an authenticated client
by invoking gbak via the service manager using invalid command line
switch and lead to denial of service.

The issue was introduced in version 2.5.5.

Upstream report:

Upstream fix:

Debian bug:

CVE-2016-1569 Status in Debian:
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FDB Python driver version 1.5 for Firebird is available for download (Introduces support for Firebird 3.0)

FDB Python driver for Firebird v1.5 is available for download.

This is important release that introduces support for Firebird 3.0:

– BOOLEAN datatype
– IDENTITY datatype (in schema)
– Database linger
– Preserve SHADOW on DROP
– DDL triggers
– New and extended system tables
– New and extended monitoring tables
– GBAK statistics (service)
– On-line validation (service)

It also fixes PYFB-60.

News via Google Plus: Pavel Cisar 

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FirebirdWebAdmin 3.3.0 is released

FirebirdWebAdmin 3.3.0 is released .

Changes :

Review User Page. Modal popup for Role creation. Delete role button for each role.
Users: Remove “Customizing” panel. Is not database/server related.
Initial integration with Crowdin. Convert all files to UTF-8.
Update Romanian & Russian translations.
UI improvements: Roles, Users, Exceptions, UDF, Table comments.
Integration with CodeMirror.
In-browser code editor

Now we have autocomplete/suggestions with table names and fields and SQL reserved words.

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