Free Pascal Compiler Version 3.0.0

The Free Pascal team is happy to announce the release of the Free Pascal Compiler version 3.0.0 “Pestering Peacock”.
This version includes support for, a.o., several new platforms, codepage-aware strings, and an integrated Pascal source-repository (fppkg).
  • New features are listed here.
  • Changes that may break backwards compatibility are documented here.
  • The 3.0.0 docs is available here here.
  • Downloads are available on our website.
The Free Pascal Compiler Team
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FirebirdWebAdmin 3.2.0 is released

FirebirdWebAdmin 3.2.0 is released.
Our hero is Dumitru Condrea with his many UI improvements.

List of changes from previous releases:
Database & Tables page. UI improvements. Deleted all images (Replaced by glyphs) .
Sticky footer with project github link, full version and debug info.
Header user menu with connection string & Logout.
No info panel. Now is a notification area with dismissible alerts.


SQL page review.


Admin page UI improvements.

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