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Auditing tools for InterBase, Firebird, Microsoft SQL Server, NexusDB and Advantage Database Server.

Our “Fb TraceManager” tool makes using the Firebird Trace API easy and allows continues monitoring of your Firebird server.

During development, you can use the “Advanced Data Generator” to create test data for your application, creating decent volumes of data for proper testing.

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Status of PHP PDO_Firebird as of December 2011

If you have read the previous article about Firebird pdo status then you might now that almost all worked  except binding parameters by name (see  bug #48877).

But as a gift bug #48877 is fixed in svn , and is already in the php  snapshots for 5.4.x,5.3.x and trunk 5.5.x

So it should all work from the mentioned article , There are still some bugs left but it will be fixed until the end of the year : Bugs #47415 and #53280 are already done from my todo list

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#AnyDAC Winter 2012 v 5.0.5 – #Delphi Components for Firebird, Interbase and more

DA-SOFT Technologies announces the availability of AnyDAC for Delphi Winter 2012 release v – high-speed, Universal Data Access Components for Firebird, Interbase, SQLite, MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MS Access, IBM DB2, Sybase SQL Anywhere, Informix, Advantage, dbExpress, ODBC, that simplifies the task of building Embarcadero Delphi, C++Builder and Free Pascal Compiler database applications.

AnyDAC for Delphi can be immediately downloaded from the download page.

What is new in v5.0.5 and what is AnyDAC ?

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Help testing TcpRemoteBufferSize parameter

The parameter TcpRemoteBufferSize found in firebird.conf is supposed to set the maximum size of a packet being transfered. The default value for Firebird is 8K, and the maximum accepted is 32767. Theoretically, bigger packets should make the transfer of large resultsets faster (mostly noticed when connection is high latency networks, aka internet).

Recently, I did some tests with this parameter, but wasn’t able to find any differences in the time of a fetchall with a select first 2000 * from some_table_with_no_blobs_and_lots_of_records. A similar test that I did last year, with different FB version and O.S. showed a speed increase of almost 3x in the fetchall time when the packet size was set to 32K, but seems that I cannot reproduce this with my current environment anymore.

If you have some time, please do some tests with this parameter, and publish the results in the comments of this post. Remember to test changing the value at client, at server, and at both, and to mention what Firebird version was used (at server, and client library too, if different). Also, I recommend to run the first select/fetchall at last one time before getting the results, to fill Firebird and O.S. cache and get more accurate results.

If you are a “hardcore” user, you may also want to install Wireshark and have an inside view of the communication process.

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PowerConsole 0.9.2 realeased and tested with new FDB python driver

Pavel Cisar   wrote on google plus about the new PowerConsole:
It was tested with new FDB driver (see for details),
i.e. I’ve just imported fdb
as kdb and skipped the kinterbasdb initialization. Surprise, surprise,
it works! All issues I was able to find so far were few small bugs in
pwcfb module itself 🙂

So, I released an update to pwcfb that should fix all issues and sets the dependency to FDB.

To install it simply use `easy_install pwcfb` and it should bootstrap it with all necessary dependencies.

Extensive package that enables PowerConsole to work with Firebird databases.
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Initial release (0.7.0) of new Python driver for Firebird – FDB is ready for testing

As promised, FDB initial release (0.7.0) is out:

It’s almost feature-complete (ready for 95% of users), but it could be
still buggy (it’s beta!), and the code wasn’t optimized for size and
speed. In all other ways it’s ready for wide testing.

What’s missing:

– Distributed transactions
– ARRAY support
– EVENTs support
– Stream BLOBs
– TRACE service
– Documentation (but you can use KInterbasDB one as FDB is as close to
it as possible).
– Python 3.x support (haven’t had time to test it, but it shouldn’t be
hard to make it work there)

What’s new since my last post here:

– Support for stored procedures (proper one according to Python DB API,
behaviour is the same as in KInterbasDB)
– Prepared Statements. It works in exactly the same way as in
KInterbasDB, i.e. you can use explicit PS via cursor.prep(), or use the
internal PS cached for all statements executed via cursor.execute() – it
will detect previously executed command and re-use prepared statement
(cached per cursor instance!).
– Fully implemented cursor.description attribute, i.e. including
precision for DECIMAL/NUMERIC fields. Should now return the same results
as KInterbasDB.
– trans_info/transaction_info and db_info/database_info calls like in
– Better object dependency and lifetime management, so Python memory GC
should be much happier now. I modelled it as much as KDB does it as

Source code is also in Firebird Project’s Subversion repository:

(KInterbasDB source moved)

Sorry for GIT/Mercurial etc. fans, but Firebird project uses only SVN
for all its code (except old obsolete ones that are still in CVS) and it
would be pointless to create another type of repository for such a small
project. However, you’re free to set up mirrors or local repositories on
GIT or whatever 🙂

Merry Christmas to all
Pavel Cisar

[ED: if you want to know how easy is to use , or how compatible it is related to kinterbasdb , read this post ]

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Firebird Development Studio has been released

SQLLY Development team is proud to announce the next major version of Firebird Development Studio.

As usual you will get simple and clear user interface equipped with unique features like SQL code refactoring, intelligent code completion and real-time errors highlighting. Database Comparer, SQL debugger, Code Formatter and ER Diagrams designer are also at your service.

Please visit for more information. Do not miss our special christmas offer!

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