IDEMA – Are you ready?

SAN JOSE, Calif., June 29, 2010 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — IDEMA (The International Disk Drive Equipment and Materials Association) today announced the launch of the “Are You Ready?” campaign, an effort to raise awareness in the computer industry about the advances and advantages of long data sectors. IDEMA is the data-storage industry’s trade association dedicated to driving technology standards that support the advancement of data storage. The campaign focuses on helping the computer industry prepare for the transition of hard disk drive (HDD) processing from the historical sector lengths of 512 to 520 byte increments, to increments of 4,096 bytes per sector using a technology referred to as Advanced Format. IDEMA is joined by major hard disk drive manufacturers in the launch and support of the “Are You Ready?” effort.

Read full history here.

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New Flamerobin snapshots revision 1917

Michael posted new Flamerobin snapshots and announced on the devel list

I have posted new FlameRobin snapshots, SVN revision 1917, for Windows
32 and 64 bit, both installers and ZIP files.

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New Firebird tech articles

Morning all,

I’ve uploaded a couple of new documents to the document area. Unfortunately, due to a few problems with VPN timing out over the weekend, I’ve not been able to get the front page updated. I will do soon and the links will be visible.

How the cache works in Firebird:


That is based on information Ann supplied here on the list a while back. She has permitted me to document it and make a manual out of it.

Firebird Internals:

html: Not uploaded yet – VPN problems.

A work in progress and as yet fairly incomplete. It will be improved as and when I can. Comments & corrections gratefully received!



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Stored Procedures contest winners!

Dear All,

Stored procedures contest is over!
We had 12 submissions for the contest and have chosen 3 winners.

Winners are:

  1. Set of mathematical operations implemented in pure Firebird SQL,
    by pizmon (
  2. XML File creation using Firebird in stored procedures, by Fernando
  3. SP_ESCAPE and SP_UNESCAPE stored procedures: generate text with
    line feeds, carriage returns, quotes and tabs in Firebird sql scripts,
    by Fabiano Bonin.

Each winner can choose one of the following licenses from MindTheBird  sponsors:

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Upscene Productions releases free Lite Edition of Database Workbench 4

Upscene Productions is proud to release Database Workbench 4.0.2 Pro, a small maintenance release to the recent new major release of the multi-DBMS database developer tool Database Workbench 4, download a trial version here.

As of today, the free Lite Editions for version 4 have been released, these are stripped down editions of Database Workbench Pro and you can download and use these for free.

The Lite Editions support either of the following:

  • MySQL
  • Firebird
  • InterBase

Since version 4, they are fully Unicode enabled.

The Pro Edition supports one or more of the following:

  • MySQL
  • Firebird
  • InterBase
  • Oracle
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Sybase SQL Anywhere
  • NexusDB

Pricing information can be found here.

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