Stable version of zeoslib 7 is released.

The most important improvement you’ll find in this version is support for the compilers Delphi2009 and newer, with their unicode strings.

Other changes in this release are
- Some new components for grouping connections (alpha status)
- Postgres event alerter component comparable with the existing Interbase/Firebird event alerter (alpha status)
- Pooled connections (alpha status)
- Real prepared statement support (always for firebird, on demand for mysql and postgres), allowing to prepare queries once and execute them multipe times with different input variables.
- New FreeTDS driver for connections to Mssql and Sybase that can replace the old dblib protocol.
- TZStoredproc got a full makeover. Now Stored procedures should work for postgres, firebird, mysql, mssql and oracle (alpha status)
- A load of bugs have been fixed.

Downloads of the new beta release can be found on sourceforge or our mirror download directory

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