New Firebird driver release fixes : (PYFB-58) Severe performance loss and minor memory leak.

The Firebird Docs team is calling for people who are fluent in both English and Firebird’s SQL to assist with reviewing the English text of the Firebird 2.5 Language Reference manual. Of 10 chapters and 8 Appendices, 4.5 chapters are still untouched by reviewers.  It would be good to have the reviewing done to coordinate with the forthcoming 2.5.5 release but correctness takes priority.

Still to do are:  half of the DDL chapter, DML, PSQL, Functions and Variables, Transactions.

If you feel able to help with the review, please subscribe to the [firebird-docs] list here and make yourself and your preferred topics known.

Devart company updated its set of ODBC drivers for various databases including  Firebird database.

New Firebird ODBC driver gained improved performance and:

  • Compatibility with Microsoft Visual Studio is improved
  • Compatibility with Microsoft Office is improved
  • Compatibility with Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio is improved
  • Compatibility with Crystal Reports is improved
  • Compatibility with ClikView is improved

Check what our new ODBC drivers can offer to you.

Download Firebird ODBC driver 1.2

The Firebird Project needs your opinion regarding some points in the Windows installer of the upcoming Firebird 3.0 final release. Please answer the survey available at based on your preferences.

Your answer can help to guide us in future enhancements. Survey will be online until 20-Nov-2015.

Firebird Project announces the first Release Candidate of Firebird 3.0, the next major version of the Firebird relational database, which is now available for testing.

This Release Candidate demonstrates the complete set of features and improvements developed for the new release. Release Candidates are generally considered stable enough and may be recommended for testing in “almost-production” environments. Please report about any found bugs to the bugtracker.

Please read the Release Notes carefully before installing and testing this Release Candidate.

Download page:

Release Notes:

Dmitry Yemanov


In this 3.0.1 release

Dumitru Condrea contributed UI improvements to FirebirdWebAdmin : replaced the png maximize/minimize icons with glyphicons


Firebird Converter 1.0.3 is now released with Support for Global temporary tables (GTT)

This is release where is fixed the bug related to CONSTRAINT

Are you looking forward to try Firebird 3.0 Release Candidate, and can’t wait for the official release? Download Firebird 3 Unofficial Installer and get Firebird 3.0 RC1 now.
If you want to install Firebird 3 as the second instance (and keep existing installation of Firebird 2.5 intact), you can specify another port and instance name for Firebird 3, and use both instances simultenaously.
Watch this video to and follow its steps to install Firebird 3 together with your Firebird 2.x:

Database .NET is an innovative, powerful and intuitive multiple database management tool, With it you can Browse objects, Design tables, Edit rows, Export data and Run queries with a consistent interface. (Full support for Firebird 1.5~3.0)

For more information please visit
Free, All-In-One, Portable, Single executable file and Multi-language.

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