Jason Warton announced his thoughts about IBO6 on IB Objects support list.

This release adds a few small features and includes Windows Terminal Server support.

Change log available for version 5.1.x.

New article : Reading a Lock Print by Ann Harrison


Article by IBPhoenix : Updatable Firebird Views


Article by IBPhoenix : The definitive guide to Understanding Firebird Transactions


Take a look here for a step-by-step intro for codeless data sync of Firebird data queries with 100+ external sources, on-premises or Cloud-based:



Article By IBPhoenix:

Sorry, for now, this is only for Brazilians…

Entrou no ar a campanha (crowdfunding) para financiamento do meu novo livro: “Guia de Migração para o Firebird 3”. Todas as informações e o formulário para contribuir estão disponíveis em www.firebase.com.br/guiafb3.php
Esse é um projeto totalmente independente, e depende de você para se tornar realidade! Dependendo de como for essa experiência, ela servirá de base para lançamentos futuros.
Acesse o link, leia e contribua se julgar interessante.

Carlos H. Cantu

Version 0.9.12 changelog for the new release :

  • Enable Srp authentication and disable Wireprotocol for Firebird 3
  • fix a bug about srp authentication
  • refactoring and flake8

Hello everyone!

We have finished development of the new subsystem «IBProvider Professional Edition» that allows you to work with Firebird 2.5 via INET-protocol (TCP/IP) without fbclient.dll.

And we suggest IBProvider users test the next version 3.27 with own systems.

Full news text: http://www.ibprovider.com/eng/news/n_151202.html

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