Firebird Project is pleased to announce that Firebird 2.5 Language Reference in Russian language is released. It is available on Firebird SQL Documentation page.

Why it is only in Russian and how to get it in English? The answer is the following: Moscow Exchange, one of the biggest Firebird users in the world, and IBSurgeon (tools and service for Firebird) have sponsored documentation development in Russian. Several Russian-speaking core developers of Firebird Project participated in documentation creation to ensure its quality.

The next step is extending this documentation to cover Firebird 3 new features: authors and editors are already working on it. However, the resulted documentation for Firebird 3 will be also in Russian.

In order to translate Firebird documentation into English, Firebird Project needs additional funds.

We need US$7000 to translate almost 500 pages of Firebird documentation into English using professional translation service, which will ensure the quality of translation.

So, if you would like to have Firebird 2.5 and 3.0 Language Reference in English in the first quarter of 2015, please help Firebird Project now with your donations (please use PayPal option):

Please don’t think that somebody else will pay for Firebird documentation!

Collected money will go to translation of Firebird documentation and, if USD$ 7000 threshold will be exceeded, for further development of next volumes: Firebird Operations Guide and others.


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Node C++ Module for Firebird is updated in git repository and is already pushed to npm
It can be compiled now with node v10.x  , There is work in progress for node v11.x

nan is now a dependency

If you want to install it from git

sudo npm install -g  xdenser/node-firebird-libfbclient

or from npm with

npm install firebird




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We start to publish presentations from Firebird Conference 2014. The first presentation is “Firebird release strategy in 2015-2016“, by Dmitry Yemanov, core Firebird architect


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Here are his  Firebird Conference Jaybird and Jooq presentations + source code:






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You can watch the twitter stream from Firebird Conference 2014 : #fbconf14

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Firebird 3 is on the fast track to be released very soon, and all FirebirdSQL developers should help Firebird Project to release v 3.0 as soon as possible.

You can help Firebird in the following areas:


Firebird 3 must be thoroughly tested with real-life databases and applications – with your applications and databases!
Download Firebird 3 Beta 1 now (unofficial installer at the moment) and start testing it.

Join the Firebird 3 Launch campaign


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Firebird Conference 2014 schedule is available. Only few days left! Hurry up, registration is still open!

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FBTM_V3_48x48 The following video discusses best practices for using the Firebird Trace API and FB TraceManager in high load scenarios. CLICK HERE to watch the ~24 min video. Enjoy!
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More mini-interviews with speakers at Firebird Conference:Jiri Cincura, Roman Simakov, Pavel Cizar and Jonathan Neve

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Good news  for Firebird .NET Data Provider: a issue in the Dapper github repository seems to be fixed



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