We announce beta release of django-firebird 1.8 with django 1.8.x support.

For now, it is just available via github master branch.

You can grab a clone from github repository.

Please report any issue on github tracker.

Hello everyone!

We glad to inform about new IBProvider v3.29.

A brief description of the new release:

  • Management of server resources for cursors and blobs improved.
  • The main build IBProvider (vc14xp) is now compiled using VS2015 Update 2.
  • Extended load testing performed.

Current state

Actually, as of the moment we have reached the local balance point:

  • Basic «critical» problems solved.
  • All initiated code changes completed.

The full text of the news: http://www.ibprovider.com/eng/news/n_160412.html

Currently provides data reading, inserting, deleting and updating.

You can install this plugin into your CakePHP application using composer


The current master branch is being developed under django 1.8.x LTS

This is still in alpha status but the base of functionality works pretty well.

Any feedback will be appreciated on Django Firebird dev group



Django-Firebird stable for Django 1.7.x is released

Mark Rotteveel published a new Jaybird 3.0.0-SNAPSHOT. Download available on maven (on the Sonatype snapshots repository) or SourceForge. Updated Release Notes are also available. Feedback on the stability, performance and undocumented changes in behaviour would be appreciated.

Yii2-Firebird driver version 0.7 is released

  • Added support to view;
  • Updated Yii2 version;
  • Fixed nested transaction;
  • Fixed union with limit;
  • Fixed type for char;

Database .NET is an innovative, powerful and intuitive multiple database management tool, With it you can Browse objects, Design tables, Edit rows, Export data, Run queries and Migrate data with a consistent interface. (Full support for Firebird 1.5~3.0)

For more information please visit http://fishcodelib.com/Database.htm
Free, All-In-One, Portable, Single executable file and Multi-language.

FDB Python driver for Firebird v1.6 is available for download.


This version fixes few bugs and adds enhanced support for database_info 
and transaction_info. Now you can get almost all information in more 
convenient way (using properties and functions).

Firebird Extension for Yii 2 has a few updates in repository :

Updated Yii2 version in composer

Fixed type for char

Fixed union with limit

Fixed QueryBuilder tests

Fixed InsertExpression test

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