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Qt 5.4.1 and Qt creator 3.3.1 released with many fixes and enhancements

For this howto you will need to have firebird development package already installed on the system and also Qt 5.3.

Logikal Solutions is proud to announce “The Minimum You Need to Know About Qt and Databases” has been released in EPUB format as part of “The Minimum You Need to Know” book series. Currently it is available at Barnes & Nobel as well as Kobo. It should also be available shortly at the Sony eBook store.

Barnes & Nobel


This book shows the nitty-gritty of developing with Qt using PostgreSQL, Firebird, and SQLite databases. It also shows the developer how to create BOTH console and GUI Qt applications. Readers are shown how to do development with Qt Designer, Qt Creator, QDevelop, Monkey Studio, and Eclipse under KUbuntu. Like most of the titles in this series this book attempts to teach by repeatedly developing the same application with each new tool set so developers who understand one or only “some” of a given tool set can quickly come up to speed by looking at the differences each tool forces on the application. 

Qt is an amazing application framework currently owned and supported by Nokia. While there are many books available discussing various aspects of the GUI, most give at most a single chapter to database access. This book is designed to cover that topic in depth. The vast majority of applications written today will need to communicate with a database in some fashion, even if it is just to store user entered data locally. Currently there are no books on the market providing any significant quantity of information about how to do it are more importantly just how different your application will be for each database engine.

“The Minimum You Need to Know” is an award winning technical book series written by Roland Hughes and published by Logikal Solutions. Please visit The Minimum You Need to Know for information about other titles in this technical book series.

The Firebird support is being improved now in kevora. Despite there are no schemas in Firebird, we have defined two different artificial schemas (SYSTEM and PUBLIC) to organize the list of database objects. The figure below shows a list of tables and a window with its current session information.

I quote the article :
In the last post, we have already figure out how to connect to the firebird database in Linux/UNIX environment. In this post, I will use application built in Qt framework to connect the firebird database and do simply task.
To allowing Qt applications connect to the firebird database, we need some tools, here I introduce the IBPP project.

The Qt toolkit contains many great SQL drivers and among them is also an InterBase / FireBird SQL driver. But the Windows version of the toolkit ships with SQLite and ODBC driver binaries only. The other ones have to be built by ourseleves. This article describes how to build the FireBird driver using MinGW 32bit version of Qt 4.6 for Windows.

This article is the description of the first steps in setting QT, Visual Studio and FireBird.

Qt 4.5.3 is now available. 4.5.3 is a patch level release providing various bug-fixes over the 4.5.2 release that we issued in late-June.

You can see the full changelog here
with the related Firebird fix (Database Drivers section)

– Fixed ::record for dialect 3 named tables in interbase/firebird.

qt 4.5.1 is released with firebird/interbase driver fixes

Here are the notes for Installing qt4.5 with Firebird support and running the db demo (tested on ubuntu jaunty but it should work on intrepid too)

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