Before you go to the Firebird Conference 2012 you can prepare with quite a few talks and videos from last conference ,

I started with Review of the Firebird development in 2011/2012 and Watching the videos from Firebird channel

And then It is nice to see how well Python driver evolved to a stable driver : fdb
Check the slides for Firebird Python Drivers: Current state and future

And compare it with what we have now (Search for previous fdb releases for a full changes history)

- Distributed transactions
- ARRAY support
- EVENTs support
- Stream BLOBs
- TRACE service
- Documentation
- Python 3.x support
- Support for stored procedures
- Prepared Statements
- Support for web2py ( included by default in web2py 2.0.3 )
- Support for Django 1.4/1.5 (testing)

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