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With the impending implementation of Firebird as a backend for LibreOffice Base, to replace HSQLDB, I re-ran the tests of converging and cyclic cascades that were previously carried out for other databases.

These tests were carried out using Firebird 2.5 running on Ubuntu Server 12.04.2


Many developers think that transactions are straightforward and easy thing to understand and use, so probably there is no reason to devote 1 day seminar to discover transactions mechanism in Firebird in great details. Is it so?
Here I offer 3 simple questions about transactions which every Firebird developer should answer. Please take a look and choose the correct answer

Ștefan Suciu announced his work on Implementing support for Firebird in Sqitch :

I’m workingto implement support for Firebird (in the firebird branch) in Sqitch – a database change management application.

Contributions are welcome! on Github

New GSOC update for the previous week with
current status of the firebird-sdbc driver :

Progress this week:
- Some dbexception cleanup.
- Fixed ColumnLocate::findColumn implementations (for all 
  db drivers) and api definition.
- Fixed index rebuilding.
- Tried to experiment with different ICU versions, but haven't 
  managed to actually produce any errors when switching ICU 
- Fixed formatting of integers as a currency, integers now
  show as a number and not currency by default.
- Fixed segfault when setting Null as first value in 
- Reintroduce statement specific Mutexes (instead of a
  connection-wide Mutex).
- Implemented simple firebird unit tests to see that we can 
  really transfer a .fdb between machines with different 
- Some generic cleanups.
- Tried to create a hsqldb cppunit-test.

New GSOC update for the previous week with
current status of the firebird-sdbc driver :
Progress this week:
– Made libatomic-ops buildable meaning that we should now be able to build embedded firebird on non-X86 systems too
– Added rebuilding of indices to deal with the icu collation issues.
– Implemented a simple .odb loading test (in gerrit atm.) that also
tests that the embedded firebird .fdb can be connected to.
– Implemented Index retrieval and dropping
– More fixes to do with the firebird temporary and lock directories
– Some coverity fixes
– Started working on foreign key retrieval

Code commits can be reviewed in the LibreOffice git repository

NBackup via Services API is landed in DotNet FirebirdClient

New GSOC update for the previous week:
Current status of the firebird-sdbc driver is:

– (Var)Char, Numeric and Date/Time types all supported. (No support for blob/clob/array/etc. yet.)
– Data Editing in the GUI works.
– Data Insertion works.
– Table and Column definition/manipulation is mostly complete, there might still be a few minor-to-major issues, indexes aren’t supported at all.
– Usable on Linux, Mac, Windows (thanks to tml for fixing the fbembed
library / loading on Mac).

ps: you can check also the previous updates #11,#10,#9

New GSOC update for the previous week


It’s now possible to select the driver to use for embedded databases within Base thanks to the new selector

Mark Rotteveel wrote on Firebird Java list :

I have started a page on the Jaybird wiki on using Jaybird with Firebird

3.0 alpha 1:


It lists know problems, compatibility issues and workarounds between
Jaybird 2.2.x and earlier and Firebird 3 (alpha 1).

It is a work in progress, but I hope to have all the basics listed by
Sunday. If you miss something, or something doesn’t work for you with
Firebird 3, let me know.


New GSOC update for the previous week : Plenty of mountains conquered this week, also some useful work done …

Also default dialect is now 3 for the Firebird SDBC driver

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