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LibreOffice 5.3 is coming soon – it’s due to be released in early February. What have the developers been working on?

Find out in new contributor interview, with Tamás Bunth:


More info: http://blog.cincura.net/233588-ado-net-provider-5-7-0-0-for-firebird-is-ready/

Hello everyone!

We have two pieces of news for IBProvider and Firebird users. Both are good.

  1. The release of «IBProvider Professional Edition» v3.34 with its own Firebird v3 client is already available for download.
  2. We upgraded the «Free IBProvider» and added a subsystem to it with its own Firebird client.

Now all IBProvider editions can work directly with all released Firebird versions from v0.9 to v3.0!

We hope this release will bring new ideas to your work.

Full news text: http://www.ibprovider.com/eng/news/n_161111.html

More info: http://blog.cincura.net/233580-ado-net-provider-5-6-0-0-for-firebird-is-ready-with-net-core-support/

More info: http://blog.cincura.net/233576-ado-net-provider-5-5-0-0-for-firebird-is-ready/

So, Firebird 3.0.1 is out, and you are planning to move to it. But are you prepared for this task? Migrating to previous versions was usually an easy task, but is this still true for Firebird 3.x? Answer the following questions to know if you are really prepared to move to Firebird 3!

1) Can I connect to a database created in Firebird 2.5, using Firebird 3?

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Since you already have made a pause in your work and came here, we are offering to you look at the short review of testing Firebird through IBProvider.


With Best Regards,
IBProvider Team

ODBMS Industry Watch recently interviewed Jim Starkey about “Database Challenges and Innovations”. The complete interview can be seen here. Jim invented the MVCC (Multi Version Concurrency Control) model, which is used in Firebird, InterBase and Postgres RDBMS.

Victory Fernandes published a video recorded at the 13th FDD, where he interviewed two conference speakers (Kelver Merlotti and me).

Audio is in portuguese.


The “Migration Guide to Firebird 3″ is now available in printed format too. Now people can choose to buy the digital version (PDF) or the Printed version. More information and buying links can be seen here.

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