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Victory Fernandes published a video recorded at the 13th FDD, where he interviewed two conference speakers (Kelver Merlotti and me).

Audio is in portuguese.


The “Migration Guide to Firebird 3″ is now available in printed format too. Now people can choose to buy the digital version (PDF) or the Printed version. More information and buying links can be seen here.

Migration Guide Ad

A new revision of the eBook Migration Guide to Firebird 3 is out today. Revision 1.02 brings some corrections as well add some new content to the publication.

People who already bought the guide will receive the update in the next hours, by email.

Anyone interested in buying the eBook can go to this page and buy one copy for USD 16.

Migration Guide to FB 3

More info: http://blog.cincura.net/233562-ado-net-provider-5-0-5-0-for-firebird-is-ready/ .

Migration Guide to FB 3

Learn more.

The source code was just tagged in the repository, so we can expect the final release being out in the next days!

Are you prepared for Firebird 3? The Migration Guide to Firebird 3 eBook is here to help you to move quickly to Firebird 3. The eBook is available in English and in Brazilian Portuguese.

FB 3 GuideThe Portuguese version of my new eBook, Guia de migração para o Firebird 3 (Migration guide to Firebird 3) was just released! The book has tips and explanations to make the life of anyone who wishes to move to Firebird 3 easier.

An English version of the guide will be available in the following weeks at Amazon, both in paperback and digital formats. This is my third book devoted to Firebird, and the first one to be published also in English.

Brazilians can buy the guide right now in the FireBase on-line store.

Carlos H. Cantu

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Sorry, for now, this is only for Brazilians…

Entrou no ar a campanha (crowdfunding) para financiamento do meu novo livro: “Guia de Migração para o Firebird 3”. Todas as informações e o formulário para contribuir estão disponíveis em www.firebase.com.br/guiafb3.php
Esse é um projeto totalmente independente, e depende de você para se tornar realidade! Dependendo de como for essa experiência, ela servirá de base para lançamentos futuros.
Acesse o link, leia e contribua se julgar interessante.

Carlos H. Cantu

The survey about Firebird 3 installer is closed, and results are now published (see below).

Thanks to everyone who participated and contributed with comments and ideas. I hope the result will help guiding the Project about what people expect/wants from the official installer 😉

FB3Installer (SurveyResults)

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