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Mr. Hartmann wrote on his blog

Last week, I posted a story about my interaction with a software developer who uses FireBird (FB) as a back-end for their software. The short version is that they left FB’s settings at default and were using a really, REALLY old version of FB. This caused the application to have massive (18 minute) load times and hang the entire server, with just one client connected. Bellow (in the article) are the changes I made to increase overall performance of the application and server.

It seems that Clad Genius (intelligent software for posting ads in classified sites) uses Firebird.

Citrix® EdgeSight™ is a performance and availability management solution for XenDesktop, XenApp and endpoint systems. EdgeSight monitors applications, devices, sessions, license usage, and the network in real time, allowing users to quickly analyze, resolve, and proactively prevent problems.

In the EdgeSight support page, we can find the following:

The EdgeSight agent is continuously monitoring every process that is running on the monitored device. In turn, it is continuously writing performance data to its local Firebird SQL database.

So, one more big company using Firebird.

How many more are out there, and we still don’t know? 🙂

Freedom is an Open Source ERP developed in Brazil, using Java (allowing it to run in several Operating Systems) and Firebird as the database engine.

Nigel Weeks created a demo for an assignment (for his Paramedic Practice degree) for a small fictional town’s health clinic, some appointment rooms, and some remote health professionals that are employed a few days a week (You can check it online also download the source code : Firebird SQL , PHP , webrtc, Ubuntu Server):

Naturally, I used the tools I know and love: PHP, FirebirdSQL, a splash of CSS, and a dollop of HTML.

Its feature set:

-Client management, current and outdated contact information(historical support)
-Bookings to see specialists, and notes system to go with the consultancy
-Booking screen with calendar for each specialist, and automatic blocking out for longer appointments.
-Daily run sheets for specialists (so they can see their appointment load in the morning)
-Payment status reports on appointments
-Reports on Specialist’s booking loads, and booking trends for hour of the day
-Outstanding account reports
-A WebRTC TeleHealth system for remote client and specialist consultancy and more. Oh yes, role-based access control(rudimentary)

Ștefan Suciu announced his work on Implementing support for Firebird in Sqitch :

I’m workingto implement support for Firebird (in the firebird branch) in Sqitch – a database change management application.

Contributions are welcome! on Github

Changes to libreoffice and firebird driver can be seen in the git log

And here is announcement :

Firebird has now been integrated into LibreOffice master!

It now builds on Mac and Windows in addition to Linux. (I’ve only tested on Linux but will be testing/fixing as necessary on Mac/Windows this week.)

The database driver itself is almost unusable at the moment as I’ve been refactoring various things to do with transaction control and execution of statements. More and more functionality should be appearing in the course of this week, making the driver more usable .

Odb with embedded firebird db

Firebird .ODB



For the moment only the code , soon we will have also a blogpost about it

This is a complete demonstration of express.io, passport, passport.socketio, firebird sql and angular.

Here is the tweet with announcement:
Just added Viacheslav Naydenov to SOCI team as new maintainer of FirebirdSQL backend  to be (re)released with SOCI 3.2.0 and 4.0.0

Originally, SOCI was developed by Maciej Sobczak at CERN as abstraction layer for Oracle, a Simple Oracle Call Interface. Later, several database backends have been developed for SOCI, thus the long name has lost its practicality. Currently, if you like, SOCI may stand for Simple Open (Database) Call Interface or something similar.

GitHub hosts SOCI source code repository, issues tracker and wiki: https://github.com/SOCI

Project website at http://soci.sourceforge.net Release downloads and mailing lists at http://sourceforge.net/projects/soci/

Travis CI service at https://travis-ci.org/SOCI/soci

Build Status


SplendidCRM (version C# of SugarCRM) is ported from MSSQL over to
FirebirdSQL 2.5.2

It is in a “testable” debug version on this url http://zeos.tetrasys.eu

username : user
password : user

This changes from the usual will/will 🙂

It is the “community” version and I would like to have your feedback on their added value in a CRM, before carrying over the enterprise modules.

Two precision/information points:
1) One is on a small DSL in Finland, so your GSM has more disponibility and bandwidth
2) the data structure is available for viewing here http://blog.tetrasys.eu/zeos-firebirdsql-structure.aspx

Your comments are welcome 🙂


I will add one more comment from the Firebird porter :

Thanks to Firebird, the memory and processing space has been reduced with two thirds when migrated from MSSQL to FirebirdSQL.
Why don’t everybody switch over to Firebird? 🙂


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