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SQL Relay version 0.59 is now available
Firebird Related Changes:

  • added global temp table tracking for firebird
  • added droptemptables parameter for firebird
  • added globaltemptables parameter for oracle and firebird
  • fixed blob-input binds on firebird

Firebird recently added support for global temporary tables. Their implementation is very similar to Oracle’s. SQL Relay now manages global temporary tables identically for Oracle and Firebird. There is even a droptemptables parameter in the Firebird connection configuration, analogous to the same parameter for Oracle.

In fact, support for global temporary tables has been generally improved. In the past, tables created during the current SQL Relay session were tracked and truncated at the end of the session, but global temporary tables created during previous runs of SQL Relay or outside of SQL Relay altogether were ignored, leading to those global temporary tables not being truncated at the end of the session. The Oracle and Firebird connections now support a globaltemptables parameter that can be set to a list of tables that should be truncated at the end of each session, or to “%”, which causes SQL Relay to query the database for the list of global temp tables to truncate.

Firebird 3.0 Revision 61479 was uploaded to Debian/experimental.

Now you can install on  Ubuntu 14.04 LTS  or latest release  15.04 (Vivid) from firebird3.0 ppa

* Remove extra ‘;a=summary’ from the Vcs-Browser URL
* -server.postinst: s/LOGDIR/LOG_DIR/ spelling mistake (This solved an package install issue – basically it stopped the installation process)
* Imported Upstream subversion snapshot r61579
* fix populating -dev with include/firebird/* content

I am a Wireshark developer and I was perusing the Wireshark bug list and came across an unsubmitted patch to the existing Firebird dissector ( It was rather old, so it didn’t apply cleanly, but I tried to take the principles of the patch and apply them to the current Firebird dissector (which doesn’t look like its really been modified for functionality since its inception). I’m otherwise unfamiliar with Firebird, but tried to briefly peruse the source to try to complete as much as I could given the capture file also supplied with the bug report. The patch I came up with has been submitted (

This is an open invitation/offer for help in bringing the dissector more up to date/complete. Many of the fields for commands are present in the dissector, but currently commented out (I’m presuming because the original author may not have been sure of the message format). I think the format/API used in the dissector is fairly straightforward (if someone here just wants to take a shot at it), but I’ve also been doing Wireshark development for a few years and it has become second nature. The two biggest issues are “dissecting a response” (especially across multiple packets) and captures to verify functionality against. Again, if someone can help me more quickly interpret the “protocol” code in the Firebird source, I’m willing to do the development on the Wireshark side.
Thank you for your time,

Michael Mann

From Wireshark Gerrit Code Review 
Change 8494 had a related patch set uploaded by Michael Mann
Improve Firebird dissector.
We invite all Firebird developers and administrators to 1-day seminar in the frames of Firebird 2015 Tour.  Firebird 2015 Tour is devoted to the SQL performance optimization:  SQL plans, queries and database statistics, queries tuning techniques, etc.
Firebird 2015 Tour is organized by IBSurgeon and  IBPhoenix, with support of Firebird Developers core team.
Locations and dates of Firebird 2015 Tour (see details in the link below):
  • May 19 – Prague, Czech Republic
  • June 5 – Moscow, Russia

Twitter Bootstrap 3 theme is implemented and html is improved by this change

Here is one screenshot with latest changes



Compare with previous version

Database .NET is an innovative, powerful and intuitive multiple database management tool, With it you can Browse objects, Design tables, Edit rows, Export data and Run queries with a consistent interface. (Full support for Firebird 1.5~3.0)

You’re welcome to download it from
Free, All-In-One, Portable, Single executable file and Multi-language.

Firebird 3.0 Revision 61473 was uploaded to Debian/experimental.

Now you can install on  Ubuntu 14.04 LTS  or latest release  15.04 (Vivid) from firebird3.0 ppa

Damyan posted on pkg-firebird-general list :
Firebird 3.0 Revision 61473 uploaded to Debian/experimental. Thanks for your help
in getting cloop in the upstream source!
It has built successfully on all architectures except kfreebsd-* where it fails with regard to qsort routines in src/jrd/HashJoin.cpp.

In this Lazarus Tutorial

We describe the planning of a simple database, the setting up of the Firebird DBMS, the creation and populating of a database and then ways that you can access it by different applications to query the data. Written reports are an essential feature of most databases. We demonstrate the use of the LazReport component in the section entitled Creating and Printing a Report.

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