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Firebird 3 is on the fast track to be released very soon, and all FirebirdSQL developers should help Firebird Project to release v 3.0 as soon as possible.

You can help Firebird in the following areas:


Firebird 3 must be thoroughly tested with real-life databases and applications – with your applications and databases!
Download Firebird 3 Beta 1 now (unofficial installer at the moment) and start testing it.

Join the Firebird 3 Launch campaign


FBTM_V3_48x48 The following video discusses best practices for using the Firebird Trace API and FB TraceManager in high load scenarios. CLICK HERE to watch the ~24 min video. Enjoy!

More mini-interviews with speakers at Firebird Conference:Jiri Cincura, Roman Simakov, Pavel Cizar and Jonathan Neve

Good news  for Firebird .NET Data Provider: a issue in the Dapper github repository seems to be fixed



The Lazarus team is glad to announce the release of Lazarus 1.2.6.

This release was built with fpc 2.6.4.

Here is the list of changes for Lazarus and Free Pascal:

New version v0.2.0 supports

  • added auto-reconnect
  • added sequentially selects
  • events (attach, detach, row, result, transaction, commit, rollback, error, etc.)
  • performance improvements
  • supports inserting/updating buffers and streams
  • reading blobs (sequentially)
  • pooling
  • database.detach() waits for last command
  • better unit-test
  • best of use with total.js – web application framework for node.js

Many thanks to Peter Širka for his contributions to this release


Adriano wrote on Firebird-devel and twitter :

I put in my github account the first version of cloop – Cross Language
Object Oriented Programming.

This first version is limited to void and int datatypes, supports C, C++
and Free Pascal, and the makefile works only in POSIX.

Some files in src/tests/test1 are autogenerated. They are flag as this
in their first line.

Tests consists of three (one for each language) executable and three
libraries as well.

The executable is the consumer test part and receives a parameter with
the library name of the supplier test part, so we can test any
combination of C/C++/Pascal as consumer/supplier. Examples:

./output/debug/bin/test1-pascal output/debug/bin/
./output/debug/bin/test1-c output/debug/bin/
./output/debug/bin/test1-cpp output/debug/bin/

./output/debug/bin/test1-cpp output/debug/bin/

 wrote on linkedin Firebird group :

We started series of mini-interviews with Firebird Conference 2014 speakers:
Ann Harrison:
Paul Reeves:
Mark Rotteveel:

Stay tuned for more interviews!
Don’t miss the last chance to register at Firebird event of the year: Prague, October 24-25:

Today’s guest is Mark Rotteveel, developer of JayBird, Firebird JDBC driver, and speaker at Firebird Conference 2014.

Firebird truncates decimal places when dividing, rather than rounding. Furthermore, it bases the number of decimal points in the returned value on the number of decimal places in the numerator and denominator.

Why is Firebird truncating instead of rounding? And why does it base the returned value on the number of decimal places in the query?

Here is the answer to the Question on StackOverflow

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