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FBTM_V3_48x48 Upscene Productions is excited to officially release FB TraceManager V3.6.0!

Check out the following news item on the new release:

More information on the product is available in the FB TraceManager section on our website, including an edition comparison sheet, webcasts etc.:

Thanks for your continued support.

Firebird 3.0 Final package uploaded to Debian Linux Experimental repository

Yii2-Firebird driver version 0.7.1 is released with fixed compatibility with Yii2 2.0.7

dbMigration .NET is a simple, easy and intuitive multiple database migration and data synchronization tool, With it you can easily migrate schema and data between different databases without complicated procedures.

Supported databases: Firebird 1.5~3.0, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, SQL Azure, LocalDB, MySQL, Oracle, IBM DB2, Informix, HP Vertica, NuoDB, Teradata, Sybase ASE, SQLite, SQLCe, Access, dBase, FoxPro, Excel, ODBC, OLEDB…etc.

For more information please visit
Free, All-In-One, Portable, and Single executable file.

Migration Guide to FB 3

Learn more.

Firebird Ruby gem fb 0.7.5 released with a small fix for issue #47:

Cursor#fetch(:hash) on empty result set no longer segfaults.

We announce beta release of django-firebird 1.8 with django 1.8.x support.

For now, it is just available via github master branch.

You can grab a clone from github repository.

Please report any issue on github tracker.

Currently provides data reading, inserting, deleting and updating.

You can install this plugin into your CakePHP application using composer

The current master branch is being developed under django 1.8.x LTS

This is still in alpha status but the base of functionality works pretty well.

Any feedback will be appreciated on Django Firebird dev group



Django-Firebird stable for Django 1.7.x is released

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