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I’m pleased to release first test version of FB/Java, compatible with Firebird 3.0.0.

FB/Java is an External Engine plugin for Firebird that makes Firebird capable of run functions, procedures and triggers made in the Java platform.

It complements Jaybird making it interface with Firebird engine and handling the infrastructure necessary to support user routines.

It also has a client utility with functions to install and uninstall the plugin in a database and that users may use to deploy and undeploy Java classes and resources stored in JAR files to a database.

Bugs should be filed in the github project.

This test version uses a modified snapshot of Jaybird 3.0.

New article from IBSurgeon: All Firebird and InterBase On-Disk-Structure (ODS) versions
It contains the list of ODS versions of all Firebird and InterBase releases, and describes their compatibility.

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New version of ADO.NET provider for Firebird is ready for download. As you can see the major version number changed.

This release contains two new big features, both focused on Firebird 3. The BOOLEAN datatype is now supported (except Entity Framework mapping, currently). And SRP authentication is supported on Firebird 3. I think these are the most fundamental new features so I’m releasing it now. There’s more to come.

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A new article from IBSurgeon: 45 Ways To Speed Up Firebird Database.


Devart company continues to improve their connectivity solutions including ODBC driver for Firebird.

Recently company released new version of it’s driver which now has beta support of Linux and Mac OS.  You can download new drivers now

Firebird ODBC driver for Linux beta

Firebird ODBC driver for Mac OS beta

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Hello everyone!

We have an excellent New Year present for all our users — the 27th update of IBProvider v3!

We have done everything we promised. And even little more.

The new IBProvider can directly connect not only to Firebird 2.5 but also to all previous releases: FB0.9, FB1, FB1.5, FB2.0 and FB2.1.

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