The version of ADO.NET provider for Firebird is ready for your download!

More info.

The version of ADO.NET provider for Firebird is ready for your download!

More info.

Paul Beach wrote on his blog :
Based on a document written by Fulvio, a while ago, I finally spent time writing a make file that will automatically create an embedded version of Firebird that will run on MacOSX as a bundle.

ADO.NET provider for Firebird with Entity Framework 6 support preview

Few days ago I wrote a post “Custom conventions in Entity Framework 6 helping Firebird“.Arthur Vickers from Entity Framework team had a good question whether it works also for columns and tables that are generated by Entity Framework (like join tables for M:N, FK columns (if not in model), etc.). And it actually does not. :) For this you have to dig a little bit deeper and use model-based convention.

Mosh Choen wrote on Google Plus Lazarus Community page : I have created an RSS aggregation site for Object Pascal related blogs:

This is a test run, and the look and feel will be changed in the feature.
If you have a blog or can provide RSS for FPC/Lazarus news please send me a message with the feed details and I’ll add you. is agregated to the planet

Ido Kanner (ik_5) wrote on his blog about his First Firebird and Python application :

It’s that time of the year again – I’m required to learn new technology due to a project requirement.
The requirement is to write something using django, but I do not know django or Python.

So I’ve started my first project using the Python language, just to have a feel for it.

After An interesting read.

Norman Dunbar updated the gbak manual with the following:

A section on the use of stdin and stdout “file names” and how to clone
a database – on the same server – using a pipe and these “file names” to
avoid the use of a temporary intermediate dump file.

A section on carrying out remote backups and restores using the above
as well as an ssh session. This allows a remote database to be cloned to
a local server, a local database to be cloned to a remote server and a
remote database to be cloned to (another) remote server.

Further updates to document the use of the stdin and stdout file names in backups and restores. A section has been added to Gbak Caveats giving more in depth detail about these two special file names.

FBClone 2.2.1 is released to google code
This is more than a “bugfix release” for FBClone here are a few of new features and fixes:
-It Can “normalize” a multi charset database by ignoring all “character set” definitions from source db
See flags -ics -ko in combination with -tc UTF8.
-It supports domains in SP parameters as well as NOT NULL, TYPE OF and COLLATE.
-It’s changed creation order of UNIQUE/FOREIGN and VIEW TRG/TABLE TRG as suggested by users in issues.

You need to use it from command line and specify the source and target database
fbclone source employee.fdb target new_db.fdb user sysdba password *****
News via Pierre Yager tweet

This is a very easy task in FreePascal/Lazarus.

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