ADO.NET provider for Firebird is ready

With the release of Delphi XE5, with support for iOS and Android it also brings InterBase versions of these two O.S-es, people started to question whether we can expect a version of Firebird for mobile platforms. Apparently, it will happen! Paul Beach said he already has a version of FB compiling for iOS, but it still needs testing. Anyway, the release versions for iOS / Android should not happen now, since developers are totally focused on Firebird 3 release.

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Firebird client can be build for Android
Also on the Apple side: Paul Beach managed to cross-compile Firebird for iOS

Ștefan Suciu announced his work on Implementing support for Firebird in Sqitch :

I’m workingto implement support for Firebird (in the firebird branch) in Sqitch – a database change management application.

Contributions are welcome! on Github

NBackup via Services API is landed in DotNet FirebirdClient

New GSOC update for the previous week:
Current status of the firebird-sdbc driver is:

– (Var)Char, Numeric and Date/Time types all supported. (No support for blob/clob/array/etc. yet.)
– Data Editing in the GUI works.
– Data Insertion works.
– Table and Column definition/manipulation is mostly complete, there might still be a few minor-to-major issues, indexes aren’t supported at all.
– Usable on Linux, Mac, Windows (thanks to tml for fixing the fbembed
library / loading on Mac).

ps: you can check also the previous updates #11,#10,#9

The version of ADO.NET provider for Firebird is ready for your download!

More info.

The version of ADO.NET provider for Firebird is ready for your download!

More info.

Paul Beach wrote on his blog :
Based on a document written by Fulvio, a while ago, I finally spent time writing a make file that will automatically create an embedded version of Firebird that will run on MacOSX as a bundle.

ADO.NET provider for Firebird with Entity Framework 6 support preview

Few days ago I wrote a post “Custom conventions in Entity Framework 6 helping Firebird“.Arthur Vickers from Entity Framework team had a good question whether it works also for columns and tables that are generated by Entity Framework (like join tables for M:N, FK columns (if not in model), etc.). And it actually does not. :) For this you have to dig a little bit deeper and use model-based convention.

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