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ADO.NET provider for Firebird is ready and you can find more at

Every year on January 18 we have a small celebration – IBProvider’s birthday.

This year it turned 14.

We thank all our users for using the provider in your projects.

We promise that we will continue to improve IBProvider till it completely supersedes Firebird and Interbase :)

Read more about the new features in Firebird and Interbase driver >>>

We are pleased to announce the new release of our OLEDB Provider: version 3.18.

Now in your projects for Firebird and Interbase you can more comfortable work with Linked Server of MSSQL 2012. Hurrah!

In new release:

  • Improved performance of the provider as a linked MSSQL server.
  • Provider compilation with Visual Studio 2012.


You can download IBProvider here: Firebird and Interbase driver >>>

Here are the test results between Firebird and HSQLDB

I have posted to YouTube a short version of one of my talks, describing Firebird and with arguments that people can use to show to other people how good and powerful is Firebird.

The audio is in Portuguese.

Here are the steps for Building Firebird Client only for Android (arm)

Based on a comment I made in response to someone asking about the availability of Firebird on IOS (after someone mentioned that the recent release of Delphi XE5 has support for an embedded version of InterBase for iOS and Android), I thought I would write a few more details of the hows and wherefores here.

Many developers think that transactions are straightforward and easy thing to understand and use, so probably there is no reason to devote 1 day seminar to discover transactions mechanism in Firebird in great details. Is it so?
Here I offer 3 simple questions about transactions which every Firebird developer should answer. Please take a look and choose the correct answer

New GSOC update for the previous week with
current status of the firebird-sdbc driver :
Progress this week:
- Made libatomic-ops buildable meaning that we should now be able to build embedded firebird on non-X86 systems too
- Added rebuilding of indices to deal with the icu collation issues.
- Implemented a simple .odb loading test (in gerrit atm.) that also
tests that the embedded firebird .fdb can be connected to.
- Implemented Index retrieval and dropping
- More fixes to do with the firebird temporary and lock directories
- Some coverity fixes
- Started working on foreign key retrieval

Code commits can be reviewed in the LibreOffice git repository

NBackup via Services API is landed in DotNet FirebirdClient

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