January 2012

A question came to me last week. It was simple. Given the column I’d like to query all tables in database for this column (with some condition) and get values back. It was on Firebird so I jumped into system tables and generated query on the fly in execute block (aka anonymous stored procedure).

Read the rest on Jiri Cicura blog


The new Firebird 2.5 Trace API will be the topic of the next ADUG (Australian Delphi User Group) Sydney meeting on Wednesday January 18th, 2012 6pm Sydney time.

There will be a live stream via GoToMeeting available. Seats might be limited. Feel free to join.

This article shows how to use Data Abstract for .NET and Firebird Embedded together (and that it’s no effort at all to do this). All you need is to deploy the needed dll’s and to remember about the x86/x64 compatibility caveat.

PHP 5.3.9 is released

Here are the relevant PDO Firebird changes included

PDO Firebird:
Fixed bug #48877 (“bindValue” and “bindParam” do not work for PDO Firebird).
Fixed bug #47415 (PDO_Firebird segfaults when passing lowercased column name to bindColumn).
Fixed bug #53280 (PDO_Firebird segfaults if query column count less than param count).

It was just released the first webinar video from the Mind the Bird campaign. The webinar is about the history of Interbase and Firebird, by Ann Harrison.

firebird2.5 (2.5.2~svn+53775.ds4-1) package is now in debian testing
You can check the list of bugs fixed for firebird 2.5.2 (not yet released) in the tracker

Here is the list of debian changes and fixes

* Snapshot from upstream’s 2.5 branch, revision 53775
* control: note -doc doesn’t contain release notes (LP#908963)
* control: change transitional 2.5-dev package to oldlibs/extra
* control: -common package is arch:all
the last arch-specific bit, ibutil was moved to -server-common
* -classic.init: provide a status option
* control: 2.5-dev, -classic-common: depend on the same (source) version of

This document states the current development activities of the project and establishes the estimated release schedule for the foreseeable future. It’s getting periodically updated in order to be in line with the reality.

The project’s development resources are currently dedicated to the v2.5 and v3.0 versions, with v2.0 and v2.1 versions being maintained on the regular basis.

As notified earlier, the v1.5.x series is not being released anymore. Firebird 1.5.6 was the last release of that series officially published by the project. However, its codebase may still collect some bugfixes occasionally backported from the newer versions. Any subsequent binary releases, should they be necessary, would be available from IBPhoenix on a commercial basis.

Please pay attention that the v2.0.x series celebrates its sixth anniversary this year. So far the project maintenance practice was to discontinue support for the release series older than five years. Thus please be prepared that the next point release (v2.0.7) could be the last one published by the project in that series.

For more details about the anticipated releases, read on.

Firebird PHP Generator SQL Maestro Group announces the release of Firebird PHP Generator 11.12, a frontend to generate feature-rich CRUD web applications for your Firebird database. The software comes in both Freeware and Professional editions.

New version introduces security enhancements, powerful data export features, new insertion and editing modes, improved project management and a lot of other new features. There are also versions for other DBMS (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Oracle, etc).

Read full press-release.

ikoniHi all,

I’m going to start working on the DML chapter for the 2.5 Language Reference. Hope we can do some good work in 2012.

Happy New Year every one!

Paul Vinkenoog announced on firebird-docs mailing list



Vote for Firebird as Database of the Year 2011 at LinuxQuestions (must be registered user with at least one post) We must Crush MySQL, MariaDB, Drizzle


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