New Plugin for monitoring FirebirdSQL database status in Nagios is released.

The ChangeLog includes many patches:

  •  Fix fetchonemap() and correct test
  •  Fix issue #35 add timeout parameter to conduit.wait()

Here is the download page.
You can also use pip to install/upgrade the package

sudo pip install firebirdsql

For full list of commits consult the github page

ps: pyFirebirdSQL is pure python so it can work without any other so/dll installed and it can be used for example in places where there is no Firebird client installed (think of an android/ios python script)

Question and answer of the week is related to Firebird default character set  by Mark Rotteveel on Stack Overflow

Hi folks,

I just updated the google code version with fixes in introspection. It was backported from github version [1]
So, I encourage to try both but mainly the version at github with the new fdb driver [2].
In that way, we can have our new django-firebird adapter almost stable for release along with the final release of django 1.5.

[1] https://github.com/maxirobaina/django-firebird
[2] http://pypi.python.org/pypi/fdb

The Lazarus team is glad to announce the release of: Lazarus 1.0.4

This is a bug fix release. Here is the list of changes.

The release is available for download at the SourceForge download page

Choose your CPU, OS, distro and then the “Lazarus 1.0.4″ directory.

This tutorial takes a brief look at Firebird’s database pages.

For a detailed Database Structure introduction please read Firebird Internals document


This is an online code browser that can be used to read the source code for the Firebird project. It is created using the Woboq Code Browser generator.

It focuses on improving the code navigation with proper semantic highlighting and tooltips. Read more about it in our blog post. Inspired by KDevelop.


Please send us feedback

4.1.2012.39 Release on 04 Dec 2012

  1. Fix catastrophic failure when displaying string in SQL monitor.
  2. Fix SQL monitor unable to display SQL string encoded in Unicode.

Download here.

FDB release 0.9.9 (a.k.a. almost final) is out:

New Features:
- Firebird ARRAY support.

Other changes:
- Cursor.execute() returns Self, so it could be used as iterator.
- Reading output from Services now uses more efficient method to get data from server.

Bugs Fixed:
- Fix: precision_cache in Connection works as intended.

This was supposed to be 1.0 final release, but I’ve decided to make 1.0
mode optimized. So 0.9.9 is feature complete driver, and 1.0 release
planed for January 2013 would contain only optimizations (and bug fixes
if needed).

best regards
Pavel Cisar

Full Documentation is here (or in the docs folder in the tar.gz)

IBPhoenix development team is glad to announce that the new version of the best replication tool for Firebird, Interbase and Oracle has been released.
In this version you can find everything you ever asked for and a speed as a bonus.
Further information is available at IBPhoenix web site.

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