October 2011

4.1.2011.35 Release on 13 Oct 2011

  1. Fix memory allocation for char and varchar field that may cause
    unstable memory problem
  2. Fix pointer iteration bug in XSQLDA_DebugMsg
Download here.

Firebird 2.5.1 Final packages are available in Debian Sid repository

The various command line manuals – gfix, gstat, gsec, gbak and fbmgr – have been updated to Firebird 2.5 specification. In the case of fbmgr it was only a few spelling mistakes that were corrected.
I’ve uploaded the html and pdf versions to the online repository. One thing I noticed when testing, the PDFs are ok but the HTML files seem to need a refresh on every page. Has anyone else noticed this when a new HTMl documents is uploaded?
Try hitting this link and see if you get the 11 October 2011 version:
If you don’t see 11 October 2011, click refresh. Now click on the link to go to Command Line Options. Under the password option do you see a fetch_password option? If not, click refresh.

I found this morning that I had to manually refresh every page in each of the updated manuals – which I’ve never had to do before.


Norman Dunbar

Firebird 2.5.1 packages are now available in Fedora 15 updates Epel6 (RHEL and Centos 6) packages are in testing for one more week according to the Epel policy. About Mageia 1 they will be in updates soon. For Mandriva they are in Cooker.

Sequel 3.28.0 has been released and should be available on the gem mirrors.
What is changed on the firebird driver :

  • The firebird adapter has been split into shared and specific parts,
    and quite a few fixes were made to it.
  • A jdbc firebird subadapter has been added, allowing connection to
    firebird databases from JRuby.
  • The firebird adapter was substanially modified, specifically parts related to insert returning autogenerated primary key values, so if you were previously using the adapter you should probably take more care than usual when testing your upgrade.

4.1.2011.34 Release on 06 Oct 2011

  1. Show parameter values of parameterised SQL in Firebird debug output
  2. Rename dbExpress Driver for Firebird DLL file to dbx4fb.dll
  3. Support Delphi XE2
  4. Add both release for Win32 and Win64 platform
Download here.

The Firebird Project invites all Firebird users and developers to participate in the Firebird Conference 2011, which will take place in Luxembourg, November 25-26, 2011.
Firebird Conference 2011 in Luxembourg, Nov 25-26
The Firebird Conference 2011 will be devoted to a variety of important topics: Firebird SQL language improvements, performance, optimization, database protection and recovery, and many others.
A number of presentations will be done by the Firebird Core team, which will ensure access to information at the best technical levels. The Firebird Conference 2011 will be a place to improve your Firebird development skills and give a chance to ask questions directly to Firebird Core team.

Speakers and Call for papers

Firebird Core Team will be represented by Dmitry Yemanov, Vlad Khorsun, Alex Peshkoff, Philippe Makowski, etc. There are also will be speakers from IBSurgeon and other Firebird-related companies.
If you would like to present at Firebird Conference, please send enquiry to case@firebirdsql.org and specify title and brief description of proposed talk.

The exact schedule will be published October 22.

Attendees Fees
Conference fee is EUR 190. It covers 2 days of conference and includes meals and coffee breaks. To pre-order please send email with name and company information to case@firebirdsql.org.

Sponsors and Organization
Sita Software, leading Luxembourg software development company, is the organizer of Firebird Conference 2011.

  • Sita Software – supplier of ERP, Point Of Sales and accounting solutions for enterprises
  • IBPhoenix - premier source of Firebird support
  • IBSurgeon – recovery and optimization tools for Firebird

For information about sponsor packages and how to become a sponsor please contact case@firebirdsql.org.

Place and accommodation

Conference will take place in Hotel Parc Bellevue, Luxembourg (Officialweb-site, hotel page at booking.com). There are several other hotels in walking distance around, so you can choose where you stay during the conference.

Please feel free to ask any questions: case@firebirdsql.org
Firebird Conference 2011 Official Page: www.firebirdsql.org/en/firebird-conference-2011/

Firebird Project is happy to announce general availability of Firebird 2.5.1 This sub-release introduces several bug fixes and many important improvements – for example, performance improvements during a database restore, the ability to write to global temporary tables in read-only databases, etc. For the full list of changes please refer to the Release Notes, Chapter 2 “New in Firebird 2.5″. Firebird 2.5.1 has 100% compatible on-disk structure with Firebird 2.5.0, so it is recommended to migrate to 2.5.1 as soon as possible.

There is a substantial number of bug fixes, this sub-release takes in a few minor improvements and optimizations that missed the initial release. In summary:

  • Significant for MacOSX 10.7 users was a bug that caused attempts to start Superserver and Superclassic to fail. The bug is described in Tracker ticket CORE-3589 and also in the Bug Fixes list for this sub-release.
  • An SQLSTATE context variable is now available in PSQL, parallel to the the context variables GDSCODE and SQLCODE that are used in WHEN blocks to test for error conditions.
  • A couple of improvements were made, that should help performance when global temporary tables (GTTs) are being used:
    • The “undoing”, on rolling back the transaction, of changes made to GTTs that were created with the ON COMMIT DELETE ROWS option was an unnecessary overhead and has been bypassed.
    • Garbage collection in global temporary tables was being delayed unnecessarily by active transactions in other attachments. That bottleneck is gone.
  • A needed optimization in the temporary space manager with regard to small chunk allocations has been implemented.
  • The Lock Manager has been provided with the capability to cancel waiting, avoiding a condition whereby a transaction in WAIT mode could wait interminably for the end of another transaction that could not be achieved by either a DELETE FROM MON$xxx or an fb_cancel_operation request.
  • The query optimizer now estimates the actual record compression ratio, enabling better guesses about the number of stored records in tables.
  • Some minor improvements to the remote interface:
    • Any unused bytes of varchar values in the message buffer are now set to zero.
    • Set the SO_KEEPALIVE option on the client TCP socket
  • The MON$STATEMENT_ID value constant is now kept constant among monitoring snapshots.
  • Ports of this sub-release were done for Linux/HPPA and Linux/alpha platforms.

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