October 2012

An experimental dialect for the Firebird python driver : fdb is added with this version please use it with Firebird >= 2.5.2
There were some issues with building the driver and Firebird 2.5.1 on Mac

Philippe Makowski wrote on Firebird general list
After the conference , if you want to play with my examples using
Robot Framework to test your Firebird databases, you can get all the
code here :

Have fun !
Seems to work quite nicely

The International Firebird Conference 2012 sessions from Dmitry Yemanov are now available in the official YouTube channel.


Posted by Andrei Kireyeu  on Firebird sourceforge reviews area

We had chosen Firebird for our Gedemin project 10 years ago and don’t regret. Great database and really free.

Here is the official hashtag on Twitter : #fbcon12

I’m pleased to announce version 3.0.0 of ADO.NET provider for Firebird and version 3.0.0 of DDEX provider for Firebird.


Here is the official hashtag on Twitter : #fbcon12
Alternate page is here http://tweetchat.com/room/fbcon12

Maximiliano Robaina ‏announced :
There is a new version of django-firebird in github repository.
It is still alpha,You can test it with django 1.5 release.

This version is under development and uses the fdb python-firebird driver .
It’s tested only with django 1.5 master branch, so is possible it could fail with django 1.4.x (but it seems that works)
Given this is still in alpha stage we need that you try it and run the tests and give us feedback if it works for you. Also we need Python 3.x testers.

Update: Django 1.5 Beta is released

SQuirreL SQL Client 3.4.0 is released with many Enhancements and Bug Fixes
It is a database-independent db management and query tool: as long as
there is a JDBC driver for it (eg like Jaybird), you can use it to query
your database, etc. I guess that is the primary reason it is so popular.
And it the top picks for sourceforge Top Growth Projects near the Pascal Compiler

This is a very minor update from 1.0.1 correcting the FPC version number for the TBookmark type change and should not have affected anything else. There was no announcement as the change would only have affected a tester using FPC 2.6.1.

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