March 2012

From Jiří Činčura blog :

Yesterday I released ADO.NET provider for Firebird version 2.7.5 and there’s one feature I’d like to blog about. As you might know Firebird has a pretty old limitation on “size” of query. It’s both the string itself, but also the column datatypes and parameters used. No need to dive to details, because I’ll only talk about the first item.

This version brings a series of fixes and improvements (Row and ResultSet are now pure ruby implementations)

Release files can be found here

Changelog for this version

  • Add test to ensure row numbering scheme
  • Fix row numbering
  • Minor AR adapter improvement
  • Include Enumerable in Row And ResultSet
  • Update tests
  • Row: pure ruby implementation
  • ResultSet: pure ruby implementation
  • Use static vars fo rb_intern caches – this should fix os x linkage issues

You can check the github Commits log for the code changes

The 2.7.5 version of ADO.NET provider for Firebird is ready for download. More info…

The 3d issue of Firebird SQL Newsletter was delivered to all subscribers yesterday. You can read it online here
In order to subscribe to the Firebird SQL Newsletter, please fill out this form and then click on the link in the confirmation email.

This version fixes Segmentation fault issues
Release files can be found here

To install it using gem

rvm use ruby-1.9.3-p125
gem install rubyfb
Fetching: rubyfb-0.6.4.gem (100%)
Building native extensions. This could take a while...
Successfully installed rubyfb-0.6.4
1 gem installed




FDB release 0.7.2 is out:

Highlights for this release:
– Python 3 Support (thanks to Philippe Makowski)
– Support for Distributed Transactions
– Support for NBACKUP Service
– Support for Trace Service

And as always, some bugs fixed.

Main target for next version: support for Firebird Events.

Note: I’m really glad that Philippe joined the FDB team, especially to look after Python 3 support (but not only that). Thanks!

You can also read the announcement on firebird-python list


IBSurgeon just published an article about How to install Firebird 3.0 (snapshot build) on Windows. There are some differences compared to previous Firebird versions, so everyone should read this.

This article, from Dmitry Yemanov, is a must read for everyone using Firebird on more recent Windows versions, specially Windows 2008. As some people already experienced, it seems that the Windows Cache Manager intelligence in those versions of Windows are not smart enough, and can produce very bad performance for database access in some circumstances.

Upscene Productions announces the 3rd public beta of:
Hopper – a Stored Code Debugger”

This release fixes several issues as reported by you, our users, and adds a small new feature.

For more information and a trial download, see the news @ Upscene Productions, pricing information is available.

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There are quite a few changes if you watch the svn and github changelog

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