January 2012

FDB release 0.7.1 is out:
This is mostly bugfix release. The main notable difference is that now FDB works on Windows (0.7.0 wasn’t) and is operational “enough” to power the Firebird QA tools. So the forthcoming Firebird 2.0.7 release (scheduled for February) will be tested using FDB.
News via Pavel Cisar Google+ Page

Jiri Cincura was recently interviewed for InfoQ article – Q&A with Jiri Cincura of the Firebird Database Project. We touched Firebird, ADO.NET, O/RMs, Entity Framework etc. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Update: The article seems to be retracted for the moment , Don’t panic we asked why and investigate the cause (see the comments section) ,

Here is the full text from Google cache

We recently spoke with Jiri Cincura of the Firebird database project.

InfoQ: Can you tell us briefly about yourself and your role in creating the ADO.NET provider for Firebird?

Jiri: Currently I’m project lead for the ADO.NET provider for Firebird project. And actually only one active right now. I’m doing majority of development (although there are some worth contributions) and all the stuff around, like testing, releases, issue tracker watching, replying in mailing list etc.

InfoQ: And for the benefit of our readers who are unfamiliar with it, who would you describe Firebird?

The flamerobin version 0.9.3 – revision 2212 is now in published in debian sid

The package is now in ubuntu oneiric ppa

To install it use

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mapopa/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install flamerobin

or if you have already installed

sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

The new driver fdb is branched in github for Python 3.x (work in progress).
You can check the progress by following this thread on firebird-python list and here is another one.

ИконописInitial release  of Firebird database adapter for Zope2

New snapshot builds (SVN revision 2210) for Windows 32 and 64 bits are
available on SF.net.

Feedback on field and text delimiter settings for save grid data as CSV
file command would be especially welcome.


Michael Hieke

There is a new poll on linkedin about the Firebird versions

From http://ramsees.blogspot.com:

I did some comparitions selecting 1000, 10000 and 100000 with Ruby Fb gem, Delphi Fibplus and the FB .NET driver, here is the result:

1000 0.12 0.47 0.09
10000 0.94 0.48 0.53
100000 10.95 3.79 5.53

The results are on milliseconds, the table is from a production database with 40 fields and about 3 million records, as you can see, native code is still the king, .NET result are quite good, but Ruby is quite dissapointing handling lots of data.

IBSurgeon DBInfo is designed to visualize internal structure’s statistics, so administrators or developers can view how much data, index, blob or other kind of information your Firebird or InterBase database stores.
DBInfo is a free tool, download it now: http://ib-aid.com/products/firebird_interbase/monitoring/dbinfo
IBSurgeon DBInfo

More information at IBSurgeon official site.

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