September 2011

I worked recently with Firebird database. I want to share my experience in one task I had to do: anonymization of e-mails.

Here are the security notes for an application that uses Firebird:

Another thing to keep in mind while securing your database: sometimes when we release new versions of Fishbowl, it upgrades your database to a new version, as well. When this happens, Fishbowl makes two different backups. One is a copy of the database; the other is a Firebird database dump. I like to call these the “Murphy’s Law backups” because you shouldn’t need them, and you won’t need them – until you don’t have them. They are created for rollback purposes during the upgrade. Leaving these unprotected is just as bad as leaving your main database unprotected. You can find these files in C:\Program Files (x86)\Fishbowl\database\data – inside the “old” and “backup” directories.

Expect to see the final release of Firebird 2.5.1 coming out in the next days. There will be no RC2.

This release brings many changes and docs cleanup

  • use standard ROWS alternative to Mysql LIMIT
  • In firebird 2.5.x standard way is to use sequences
  • dialects cleanup
  • tests-setup: avoid passing credentials on the command line
  • link with libfbembed if given a special environment variable
  • fix missing database check during tests
  • test 81-event-fork.t when linked with libfbembed
  • implement add ib_enable_utf8 dynamic attribute
  • remove $Id$ markers from CVS/Subversion
  • add test for RT#55244
  • test 47-nulls.t: ensure inserting undef in a non-null field fails
  • fix $dbh->do() and $sth->execute() to properly return the number of affected records

We celebrate with him his first commit message 7 years ago (it was in CVS tree)

Philippe Makowski Announced on Firebird Database Group that Firebird is using systemd on fedora 16

After a week of using my homegrown tool for managing Firebird databases, I have realised that it would help a great deal if I could edit live data

A rather big (and long overdue!) update of the Dutch and English nbackup manuals has just been committed (to trunk and B_Release) and published on the website.

Next task: Language Reference!

Paul Vinkenoog

A new case-study was added to FirebirdSQL site. It is always interesting to ready such articles, and know about other companies experiences with Firebird. This time it is about DRB Systems moving from InterBase 6 to Firebird to solve stability problems. Read more.

New version of DBI driver for Firebird is available at cpan with many changes and bugfixes . Please report any bugs and add them to the github project’s issues list

To download from cpan and install, simply do:

tar -zxvf DBD-Firebird-0.60.tar.gz
cd DBD-Firebird-0.60/
perl Makefile.PL
make install

optional step

DBI_PASS=masterkey make test

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