June 2011

Check out this interactive cool map to see from where the attendees of the 8th Firebird Developers Day are coming! Click the pizza graphs for more details.

Firebird Randdom Data Generator For Linux and Windows designed with brand new concept is released for download/test.

  • UPDATE OR INSERT INTO for Firebird 2.1+
  • preview of the random test data
  • use standard SQL script to generate random data
  • create/save standard SQL script when generating/inserting random data
  • save/load the SQL script/ embed user defined constants in the SQL script
  • user defined starting number for the auto-incremental filed (min. 0),
  • and can continue from the end number for next round of inserting.
  • save/load the user defined random test data variable definition file.
  • execute any standard SQL DDL script./enable/disable triggers.
  • a data grid to review the populated data of the database.
  • connect to Max. 4 database simultaneously
  • populate multiple tables simultaneously in all connected databases (Max.4),
  • keeping the Primary Key and Foreign Key relations within database,
  • and across all the connected databases.
  • insert user defined files as random test data to blob field, across all
  • connected databases./embed fixed string into CHAR/VAR/BLOB data-type so that
  • user may test ‘searching’ function in database.
  • and much more..

Detailed tech-info


You are welcome to download and test

Rock Stone

This fixes the build issue on osx/darwin and small cleanups to Makefile.PL (soon we will merge with Makefile.alternative)
Also i have tagged this with release 0.55 in git repository.
The cpan tar is be available here http://search.cpan.org/~mariuz/.

I have updated the example and steps for mono 2.6/2.10
This version doesn’t include the recompile from scratch instructions for the driver (seems to work only from the windows side)

This fixes the build issue with perl 5.14.
Also i have tagged this with release 0.53 in git repository.
The cpan tar is be available here http://search.cpan.org/~mariuz/.

Since Intebase 6 release of the source code, Firebird created a lot of changes and additions to the engine.

The only updates that we see today, are small references for new or changed features for specific version.

Further more, the time has changed, and wiki, and other format of documentation should also be in place, including the ability of users to comment and even share how to things in the proper page.

So what do you think on this ?

This is a minor revision with added description and simple example

Mageia 1 is here : http://blog.mageia.org/en/

It is a community driven project and a Firebird friendly distribution with Firebird 2.5.0, PHP, PHP-pdo, Perl, Ruby drivers, Rails adapter, Flamerobin, and Python drivers (kinterbasdb and firebirdsql).

You can read more on Philippe Makowski’s blog



Hi all, After a huge delay of almost half a year, the Firebird 2.5 LangRef Update is finally ready!


I’ve asked Olga to add it to the doc index at http://www.firebirdsql.org/en/reference-manuals/ and post a news item.

Paul Vinkenoog
Firebird-docs mailing list


Still more than one month for the Firebird Developers Day Conference, and we already have more than 400 subscriptions! More talks were added to to the grid in the last week, and more to come…

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