April 2011

You can check the changelog on github
I like the blob support testing image 🙂

You can download and install the package directly from debian sid (tested and works on ubuntu natty too )
-New upstream SVN snapshot : revision 2105
-If main window close event can be vetoed then loop through all other BaseFrame instances and check whether they veto the closing (check for open transactions, unsaved changes to files, active background work and so on). Replaces the previous confirmation dialog that was always shown.
-Store last selected authentication mode for database creation as selection index of the choice control instead of string selection because the entries are translatable strings
-Correct value of ExecuteSqlFrame status bar pane with database connection info restored
-LogTextControl modified to be read-only, custom context menu implemented for selecting, copying and clearing the content
-Regression fixed: parameter data type weren’t shown in procedure property pages any more

pyfirebirdsql 0.4.1: pure python dbapi for firebird rdbms released new version  with these changes:
-Python 2.5 support
-connect() dsn can set port number. ex) dsn=’example.com/3050:foo.fdb’
You read in the full commit log
Hajime Nakagami commented on firebird-python:

The most important reason to supoort Python2.5 is “Jython”.
Now 0.4.1 work on CPython 2.5+(include 3.x), IronPython and Jython.

I have never test on PyPy

One of the biggest tasks for the long-awaited Firebird 3.0 release is the Shared Page Cache feature. With this feature, Firebird will finally be able to fully benefit of SMP machines without having to work with individual cache for every connection.

Vlad Khorsun had been busy working on this, and judging by recent commits to SoundForge, the task is almost finished. Part of the code came from Vulcan. He hopes that people will help doing lots of tests when the first alpha release appears.

Note: Up to now, Shared Cache was only available in the SuperServer model, but SS is not optimized for SMP.

The main change is that now it requires firebird2.5-dev instead of firebird3.0 headers and decided that is better to  have a flamerobin 0.9.3 in the distros released for the next 1-2 years with a stable firebird 2.5.x and add firebird 3.0 requirement when is ready and stable ~1-2 years
* New upstream SVN snapshot : revision 2100
Uploaded to unstable
* Stop using system-wide ibase.h.Unstable has no fb3.0 so system-wide ibase.h has no boolean defines,which are used by FR and were ported to IBPP’s embedded copy of ibase.h
* build-depend on firebird2.5-dev instead of firebird-dev(firebird-dev is only in experimental)

You can download and install the package directly from debian sid (tested and works on ubuntu natty too )
Also for ubuntu the install guide is now updated

It is still in active development, but there are some tests covering the most important features for a database driver for kohana. However, it is not a stable release yet.
Please clone it .

Here are the notes on using Firebird Embedded in Azure

Recently I was playing with Amazon EC2 trying what I could use it for. I was playing with Firebird there as well. But in fact you have virtual machine you can use. So using Firebird there wasn’t that hard. But I got and idea about Azure, because it’s more platform for applications than computers.

Then the VM role was introduced and the challenge was somehow not so challenging.

Firebird PHP Generator SQL Maestro Group announces the release of Firebird PHP Generator 11.4, a frontend to generate feature-rich CRUD web applications for your Firebird database. The software comes in both Freeware and Professional editions.

New release introduces support for multi-level auto-complete editors, editing data within modal dialogs, improved client side validation and a lot of other useful things. There are also versions for other DBMS (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Oracle, etc).

Read full press-release.

ПодаръциJiri Cincura tweeted that Firebird is running on Azure , we will have details and how it works on his blog soon

I have #Firebird running in #Azure (not VM role). Will clean it up and write some blog post.

Jiri wrote his thoughts on howto apply list function to create denormalized view of data
From time to time I have an idea for helpful project I could do to help myself or people around me to finish some task faster/easier. And, of course, it often involves database. And though I’m a strong believer in normalization (3NF is must), at least during initial design, sometimes I see this project being partly simple and partly I want it done in no time (because I’m doing it in my own spare time) I think about storing data denormalized and doing the work in application.

Design it normalized, because it’s what you should do. But then you can create a simple view where you use some kind of “LIST” function (i.e. Firebird has exactly that named one). This view will create you denormalized form of data. With a small help from triggers you can also update that view hence underlying data (left as an exercise for reader).

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