September 2010

Firebird 2.5 release date is set to October 4, 2010.

Please join Philippe Makowski, President of Firebird Foundation, and Dmitry Yemanov, lead Firebird developer, at the Launch Webinar devoted to the 5th major release of Firebird. It will take place at October 4, 2010, at 13-00 GMT.

Link for Firebird 2.5 Webinar is

If you have any questions regarding Firebird 2.5, please feel free to contact us:

These are by no means the only open source databases designed for embedding. Firebird, for example, is a descendant of the Borland Interbase product and has a strong following.

Read full article.

The Russian Firebird Conference has just finished, with 114 attendees! You can check some pictures here.

PS: Curious about FB 2.5 (final) release date? Well, start the countdown! More about this….. soon ūüėČ

It’s not the official api but you can test it from github

firebirdsql 0.1.0: python3 dbapi for firebird rdbms.

ps:via pypy twitter bot

Helper C library for writing UDFs for Firebird in Lua (as well as a small collection of useful UDFs). The Firebird UDF interface would hopefully be obsoleted in Firebird v3.0 and replaced with the new External Engine API. Until then, I hope you find this little library helpful. Any feedback is welcome and appreciated.

For tips on how to write UDFs for Firebird yourself, read UdfWritingTips.

PS: If writing UDFs in Lua seems overkill, checkout the other UDF library written in freepascal.

Firebird history and Mageia story are related to each other ¬†, here are the Philippe’s kind words

A new GNU Linux distribution is born : Mageia, a Mandriva Linux fork.

So why speak about this here ?

First, Firebird packages need a maintainer and as I am the one in Mandriva, I will do the same in Mageia

Second, this story remind me a little the Firebird story

Third I’m enthusiast to contribute (may be more than only Firebird related packages) to a such challenging adventure, and in this one, there are people that I really trust.

Long live Mageia :

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and here are the full  details of the talk  very impressive :The Firebird Database: simple, free and powerful

Artur Anjos, a Firebird Project member, finally registered himself on Codebits in order to share this presentation.
Artur is with Firebird almost since the project started and has more than 8 years of production experience with it.

I have uploaded packages of Firebird from the R2_5_0 tag in SVN to Debian/experimental. No guarantees these will match the official release, but may be worth a try for those who want to live on the edge.

Short guide of installing packages from the experimental branch is available here.

Multi-player browser game powered by Firebird is launched in the biggest Russian social network VKontakte

ReTweet from Minthebird campaign.

There are many Firebird videos on youtube uploaded by Holger Klemnt

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