July 2010

Happy Birthday Firebird!

The Firebird team is pleased to announce that kits for field-testing the third release candidate for Firebird 2.5 are now available. The 32-bit and 64-bit kits are available for Linux, along with 32-bit kits for Windows and 64-bit for the MacOSX/Darwin Intel platform. The missing kits for 64-bit Windows and 32-bit MacOSX are still in QA and will follow shortly.

Please test well and report any bugs directly to the firebird-devel list (click HERE if you are not subscribed). Please do not post questions about this pre-release version to the firebird-support list.

The Brazilian Firebird Developers Day was able to collect R$ 4.500 as donations to Firebird Foundation. Money was already transfered. I wish to thanks all the donors! This is the biggest value ever collected at FDD.

Hello All,

Good news for all MindTheBird participants – Nucleon Software http://www.nucleonsoftware.com offers free license of there “Database Master” software for all participants of MindTheBird.

If you would like to get such license, please send to free at mindthebird.com email with the following information: “FirstName”, “LastName”, E-Mail, optionally Company name, and get free license of DatabaseMaster (they will be sent in 2-3 work days).

We encourage all tools vendor to run similar programs for MindTheBird participants, and, of course, we ask everyone to join MindTheBird! to support Firebird and to get benefits and prizes.

To join MindTheBird! you just need to put one of MindTheBird! banners or presentations (http://www.mindthebird.com/downloadmtb.html) to your web-site or blog, link it to www.mindthebird.com or to www.firebirdsql.org and send us link to this page for verification.

Best regards,
MindTheBird Team

Jiří {x2} Činčura created an example with Entity Framework 4 CTP4

Let’s model some kind of simple library and try to use there couple of Entity Framework’s features. And to make things worse, try to do it with ADO.NET provider for Firebird.Good news is I succeeded. My database structure was my first and non-touchable object (to be honest the first was the idea what to create and how to represent it in database) together with the idea of objects.

David Elias created new branch for Django 1.2 and Maximiliano Robaina tested it , there is still work left to do but the results are good

If you want to test recent commits on Linux or Windows you can download from the snapshots area

Backup location for linux Builds (64-bit only) are available from Sergey Mereutsa’s spaceship

http://www.dqteam.com/fb2/ for 2.1 and
http://www.dqteam.com/fb2/HEAD/ for 2.5 just now 🙂

That means is in release queue , you can check the list of changes in the WhatsNew file or consulting the jira roadmap panel

Posted in Firebird-Devel:

Hello Firebird-Developers/Users,

FalconPL, a new and fast-growing programming language had included FirebirdSQL support as High Priority in their TODOs.

Firebird Database Server module driver for DBI system
Type: Module binding
Difficulty: Intermediate
Required skills: C++ (high), database (basic)
Time frame: 30 days
Mentoring: High
This idea consists of creating a binary native module using the Falcon multi-platform C++ SDK to provide an interface to the Firebird database server through the DBI abstract interface system.
The resulting module shall use the Falcon Service interface to expose methods used by the DBI system to access database resources. Other than that, the applicant shall implement a set of functions interfacing directly the Firebird database API which can be called directly by scripts bypassing the DBI interface.
The applicant will be in charge of designing an interface to the module functionality, implement it in C++, document it through the faldoc integrated module documentation system, provide code samples and automated unit test for evaluation by faltest.
The work will be evaluated based on the elegance of the interface, efficiency in terms of memory footprint and CPU consumption, completeness of the documentation (including samples) and on readability of the produced code. Extra consideration will be granted to work that promotes the uniquely multi-paradigm approach of the Falcon Programming Language in the interface provided to the final users. Top evaluation is given if the final work also provides a Falcon Service exposing the same functionalities provided to scripts via a C++ interface.

Facts Table:

About Falcon:

And here’s the newsgroup:

Maybe somebody is interested to collaborate with the FalconPL creator (Giancarlo Nicolai) in adding and implementing the FirebirdSQL support.

Thanks and best regards,
Mario Sabado

We just had the 7th edition of the Firebird Developers Day. The conference was great, and who have missed it can check some pictures in the report here (veja aqui em português).

Thanks all the attendees, speakers and all the people that was involved to make this conference another big success!

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