February 2010

Fast Report becomes a sponsor of MindTheBird! campaign. The Firebird ambassador, who will attract most of all new members to the MindTheBird! until March 5, will get free Fast Report Studio license. New member should mention referrer name in the first email to MindTheBird! Google Group.

David Elias wrote on django-firebird-dev group
about his backend changes to make Django 1.2 work with Firebird

We received the first artwork for the FB 10th anniversary contest!

Keep it coming! The contest page will be updated from time to time to include new submissions.

Leonardo posted in his blog about developing web applications using Delphi/FreePascal. The article uses Firebird 2.1 as data source.

To support MindTheBird (global Firebird 2.5 release) campaign, FirebirdNews is running a contest for logo/artwork to celebrate Firebird’s 10th  anniversary! The winning artwork may be used in sites, banners, gifts, etc. all around the world. There is a prize of USD 500 for the winner author!

Get all the details visiting the contest page. Also, help us spreading the new about the contest to all Firebird community and graphics designers list!

PS: Just to be clear, we do not want a new Firebird logo, we need an artwork using the currently logo and indicating the celebration of the 10th anniversary.

Time to start the global community activation campaign about Firebird 2.5 release! Help to spread the word, join MindTheBird now, and let’s put Firebird under the IT media spotlights!

Mind the Bird

I did some minor cleanup/update to the Get to know Firebird in 2 minutes paper. English (html and pdf) and pt-br versions are up to date (version 1.3). Some new info was inserted, dead/broken links removed/fixed.

Updates for the other languages are welcome. If you wanna help, download the html of your native language (or create new one based in the English version), update it using a html editor that not mess with the html code and layout (or just use notepad if you are hardcore developer), and send it back to me.

Poll is in the sidebar of FirebirdNews main page. You can mark up to 3 options 😉

Adriano posted in his blog about new Window functions introduced in Firebird 3.

[…]Now, new window-only functions has been introduced. I’ll separate them in two groups: ranking and navigational. Both set of functions can be used with/without partition/ordering, but them does not make much sense without ordering.[…]

Read the full post here.

You can check the updated Roadmap here. In resume: There will at last one more RC for FB 2.5. FB 3 unstable builds can already be downloaded from special link, and first Alpha versions are expected in Q2 2010.

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