January 2010

While you are reading this, Firebird 2.5 RC2 is being prepared for release. Users feedback will show if a RC3 will be needed, or if RC2 will be followed by the final release.

Kinterbasdb 3.3.0 stable driver is included in Debian Squeeze (Testing) and Sid (Unstable)
Update : is now included in Ubuntu Lucid Lynx

You can install it by a simple:
sudo apt-get install python-kinterbasdb

Igor Wawrzyniak wrote on his blog :

Don’t know if anyone ever needs such a crazy setup, but here it goes. I needed to run a software that requires Firebird 2.x. Nothing special, it’s available in my distribution (Ubuntu). I also had to run another app that needs Firebird 1.5. That’s where it started to get complicated


dbExpress Driver for Firebird version 22 has released. Here are the

4.1.2007.22 / 4.1.2009.22 / 4.1.2010.22 Release on 25 Jan 2010

1. Fixed Malformed String exception if set a empty string to a VarChar column of character set UTF8.

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Chau, Chee-Yang

adrianosf twiteed
New blog post – Window Functions (part2) – cumulative aggregates – http://bit.ly/8sgfKU.
And here the Hebrew version of the article

Damyan submited the patches to make Firebird 2.5 buildable on FreeBSD.

You can watch Debian building logs here

I decided to challenge MonoTouch and create iPhone application that connects to Firebird server using .NET provider for Firebird. Read more…

You can download the new release here , read the release notes and see the nice screenshots there or follow sinatica on twitter for news related to Monitor

From the cool stuff department if found the Fisheye in the Jira tracker and it shows all bugs closed and related code changes (diffed)

Pavel Cisar wrote about his book

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